ADSL Connection shockingly slow for watching Optus sport


Dead Optus,

I would like you to resolve my situation regarding being sold a $120 plan that does not satisfy my what was detailed in the advertisement. Firsly the only reason I changed providers and chose the $120 reach plan was to watch the premier league via fetch box, thinking it may somehow be better speed and quality. It is barely watch able at 6mb/s while using even one other device. I have been sold a plan which I cannot even use and the Optus website suggests I can get Optus cable. I would like my 24 month contract moved to the cable network, because for $120 per month ADSL plan this just is not good enough. I've been a long time mobile customer and been very impressed by Optus customer service, however the broadband service has been utterly disappointing.





Re: ADSL Connection shockingly slow for watching Optus sport


Optus do you read your customers posts? I haven't even got a response from you regarding my issue. Baffling really... 

Re: ADSL Connection shockingly slow for watching Optus sport


Sorry to hear that you feel this way about your current connection Smiley Sad 

If your home is showing as Cable serviceable, I'd recommend chatting with us HERE so we can check for the possibility to move you across, though this may not be possible.


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Re: ADSL Connection shockingly slow for watching Optus sport


I have exactly the same issue. I left foxtel to watch premier league and champions league with Optus. I never had an issue with foxtel, but now I can't watch a single footbal game with my fetch box... I have spent hours and hours with tech support, but during the last 2 months nothing has changed. I COULDNT WATCH A SINGLE FOOTBALL GAME YET! Streaming stops every 2 minutes, when is running you can't recognize faces that's how blurry the images is and I get charged for this. The latest is that they will send me a new modsem to see if that would solve the issue...

I am not happy, paying $105 per month and not able to watch tv at all at all and sometimes it takes 2 minutes to send an email...

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