I have asked about this umpty-five times and cannot get an understandabe answer.  

My account number has been changed - without telling me.  I just found out after sending numerous emails.

I have two prepaid mobiles and a bundle homephone/internet/Fetch TV for which I received an email bill and then a direct debit.

For the last two months I have received no bill, but the direct debit goes ahead.  This is fine, BUT I would like to know in advance how much is going to be deducted.

I have corresponded with Nigel who informed me that my account number was changed and that I now need THREE SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESSES to access my services online!

They commenced sending bills to a different email address which I no longer use.  

Optus changes my account number, sends bills to an unused address without informing me.

Can this get any worse?  With Optus, the answer is "very likely".  I really think I will have to change providers.  I am sort of happy with the service - but the customer service is non-existent.

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