hey friends,


could you please help me resolve this issue as its a long story, ill try to make it short. 


i ordered  the big home bundle deal from optus 6 months ago for my house. i only ordered for 1 bundled but optus someone how made a mistake and ordered for 2 bundle which i was unaware until 3 months ago. after getting bills for different phone number under my name, i contacted optus only to know that they made 2 orders on my house. i explained them how i cannot possible use two phone numbers in one house. they said they would do some tests and see if i used anything from the 2nd bundle and came to conclusion that since the system showed i hadnt used anything from the beginning  of the service they canceled my service on 21 july and assured me that i wouldnt pay cancelation fee. they  even sent me a text message saying this.


now after a long time i get a letter from a debt collecter that i owe optus over $1100  due to cancelation charge.

i called optus and they keep on saying everything is fine but i keep on getting calls and letter from the debt collecter. 


could someone please help me on what to do next as i have called optus with next to no soution at all.


thank you 


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Wow, sounds like a messy situation. Im not sure if there is any other advice i can give other than wait for a mod to help you out with this one. Good luck!




And we can definitely help you out @ANUPAMA1. When you can, could you please drop me a PM with your account info so we can further assist? Thank you. 

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