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Occasional Contributor aswendso
Occasional Contributor

AC800s bad behavior with antenna.

Hi Guys

when i plug

into the AC800s it will randomly restart

however unplug it the issue goes away

I can use

with no issue
but i would prefer to use the higher gain antenna.

i can reproduce this every time i plug the antenna in..

Im using LMR400 50ohm cable.

do you know of any reasons for this happening?

modem specs:"
Account Details

Wireless number:
IMEI: 355732080053423
FSN: 4WX173NX010F7
ICCID: 8961025716452370684F
IMSI: 505025702398532

WiFi Details

MAC Address: 10-DA-43-5C-5A-F8
WiFi Range: Medium
WiFi Devices: 0

Main WiFi
WiFi name: OPT-5AF8
WiFi password: 37915735
Encryption: WPA2_Personal_AES
Mode: M802_11_BGN
Band: 2.4 GHz
Bandwidth: HT20
Max WiFi Devices: 10
Broadcast Network Name: Show


Firmware Version: NTG9X40C_11.14.08.31
Firmware Build Date: 2017/09/19
App Version: NTG9X40C_11.14.08.31
Web App Version: AC800S-1OP_03.03.103.168
Bootloader Version: NTG9X40C_11.14.08.31
Hardware Version: 1.0

TRU-Install: PHS_B4059


Model: AirCard 800S

Optus AC800S Manager: http://Optus.AC800S

PRI Version: 23113346, 02.01
Power State: Online
Current temperature: 32°C
Current voltage: 4306mV
Battery charge level: 100%
Battery status: Normal
Battery temperature: 32


IP Address:

Intially i contacted netgear, their response was standard 😐


this unit has been replaced by optus, however the issue occurs, I can use an AC790S with out the same issue happening (fancy antenna works fine on this unit), however i would like to figure this out





Hi, Angus!

Based on the serial number of your device, we were able to identify that your unit is not a retail product. This type of unit is engineered / customized based on the needs of an Internet Service Provider or your mobile carrier and can only be obtained through them. This means that the support including the replacement / return should be handled through the Internet Service Provider or your mobile carrier which the product was obtained.

Thank you for choosing NETGEAR.


Brian Paulo
Expert ID 46378




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Contributor Squizz

Re: AC800s bad behavior with antenna.


I see in your post:

Current voltage: 4306mV

What is the maximum voltage printed on your lithium battery?


What is the maximum and operating voltage on your 790S?

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Occasional Contributor aswendso
Occasional Contributor

Re: AC800s bad behavior with antenna.

So even if i unplug the battery and just run it off USB the issue still occurs 😐


no idea of the max voltage to be honest


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Contributor Squizz

Re: AC800s bad behavior with antenna.

Shutdown your modem then take the battery out. The voltage the manufacturer has rated it to run at is printed on the side.

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New Contributor contactchris
New Contributor

Re: AC800s bad behavior with antenna.

I believe Optus has disabled the external antenna ports. Nothing you connect will make a difference. When you boot the device it may jump to 4 or 5 bars as a self test. Then it will complete the Optus firmware which disables this external port and it will drop to the internal antenna signal strength. In my case from an awesome 5 bars  to drop out prone 1 - 2 bars.  Dohh!


I believe the reason for this, is that Optus deems battery life of the mobile device as the priority over possible reception issues.


You, like me, see it differently. I want reception prioity over battery. No point having a 7 hour battery life with poor/no reception. 



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