Re: AC800S constantly restarting


Hey guys, a bit of an update on this one.
We have created a Network problem report for this issue. 
It's now been flagging as a trending issue in our main fault capturing system (that way agents can easily attach impacted customers details).
For those who've sent us a private message with their details, we've passed them onto our Network team. 

Wil update as more info comes through. 


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Re: AC800S constantly restarting


Thanks mate. Hopefully something comes of this. The bureaucracy over there is astoundingly slow but I guess that's just where we are at right now. 

Re: AC800S constantly restarting


For anyone having issues with this device, please be sure to send us your details so that we can perform thorougher testing with any one affected. You can do this by sending a private message to a moderator, or by jumping into Live Chat and quoting reference 19645315 to have your details attached.

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Re: AC800S constantly restarting


FYI - I have resolved my AC800S rebooting issue by removing Band 3 via telnet console (refer to curlynz - whirlpool). My AC800S was previouly rebooting 5+ times per day (while always connecting to Band 3) and has now been online for 2 days on other Bands (1, 7, 28 and 40).

Re: AC800S constantly restarting


Amazing. Looks like we have a solution. Finally and no thanks to Optus. I'll look that up when I get home. Thanks mate!!!


Optus - reflect. In the time it took for you to prepare an answer, the community figured it out. I'm gonna send a letter to the relevant minister to see if they feel like slapping you for this. You guys really deserve a good walloping.



Re: AC800S constantly restarting



Disabling LTE Band 3 is not a fix, it just avoids the issue and might reduce potential throughput depending on the area.

But it's better than having it crash and restart all the time Smiley Happy

Re: AC800S constantly restarting



I'm  on my second AC800S and the same problem has surfaced in the re ently supplied new device.......quite obviously we are dealing with the qrong people if we xpect anything like reasonable support on this issue from Optus. It is a typical 'Singtel' style response. All they want is our money and once they have it they could not care less about service. Also they do not want to lose one red cent by actually supporting their customers.

I have given up calling the support line as the people on the end of the line speak English but don't necessarily understand it.......End result for me has been to go and buy the $60 Huawei modem and forget the fancy claims for the 

Re: AC800S constantly restarting


This issue was solved for me with a update optus put out around 6 months ago. Have not had the issue since then. From what iv read most people's issue with the modem restarting was solved with the update. See if your device has the recent update 

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