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AC800S NAT Type on PS4

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Hey guys,
I have recently bought Blackops 4 on PS4 and have been having nat type issues, I cannot get it to change to open. I have port forwarded 3074 and even tried DMZ yet no matter what it stays on moderate. This is causing serious connection issues with it dropping out constantly and making the game unplayable. Any suggestion on how to get to open nat type ?


Re: AC800S NAT Type on PS4


You wont get Open Nat as all consumer and most Optus Business mobiles use CGNAT - carrier grade NAT.

As there is not enough IP addresses (as they have pretty much run out and reamining ones are around 300k$ for a block) in IPv4 thousands of services share a single IP address.

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Re: AC800S NAT Type on PS4


Ok then, thanks for the quick reply Smiley Happy

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