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AC800S LED Settings

I have a home wireless modem AC800S


I have trouble with it because it is disconnecting all the time and I have to reset it to factory settings each time to recover connection 😞


Of course, I have saved my settings, so that after a factory reset I can reload them instead of having to reset eveythign manually.

But unfortunatley, the LED settings are not saved !! So after restoring my settings, I still have to manually set the LED to off (it is in my bedroom because that's where I have the best  line of sight to the tower(s) - but having a flashing LED there is a No No...)


Any clue hwo to save that in the .cfg file ? THX


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Re: AC800S LED Settings

If you are factory resetting your device constantly, this suggests your device has a nasty bug or your restoring is bringing back a bug.


however, there is no way to do what you propose 

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Re: AC800S LED Settings

I use a few layers of thick tape cut to 5x5mm and that works fine.


If your having to do multiple resets then the device is faulty and needs to go back to Optus under warranty.