Re: A Warning to Optus - get your house in order before you release your new cable plans


" I don't blame Optus, I blame the politicians that have made such a rip off of our Telecommunications industry. We are getting what we asked for, an industry more aimed at PROFIT then service. "


Just remember that 16 years ago, Telstra had advanced planning for Fibre to the Node. (FTTN) This was announced in a team briefing at the time , but a greedy government milked them for dividends. Without such blatant political interference, both Optus and Telstra would undoubtedlt be much further advanced now. Opening up the industry to the likes of DODO and other little re-selling operators may have seen price competition, but at what cost to the service ?

 We are seeing the same political interference once again with the NBN. We should let the big boys like Telstra and Optus build the networks we need without Government interference.


Off soapbox.




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