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$90 unlimited cable bundle


Hi Guys, just a quick question, I have signed up for the $90 Unlimited cable bundle, LIP/HSD & Fetch entertainment. I have just received my contract, and it states " Information about this bundle" Last point states, Unlimited international call to 25 Fixed line & 7 Mobile destinations. But further down the page, it shows a big "X" / cross next to, International call , Worldsaver Unlimited rates apply, which means i dont have it. When i search the web  the only optus plans i can see are Worldsave = 7 destinations & Ultimate Worldsave =25 destinations. So im kind of lost as to if i have the Ultimate worldsave or not.

Re: $90 unlimited cable bundle


Hey @zylax ,


                       So what you have included is world saver rates. 


You can view these at:


If you look at your Critical Information summary which can be found via the following link you will be able to more easily see what you have included in your plan.



Hope this helpos clear things up,


Regards Matt,


Re: $90 unlimited cable bundle



sorry it dosnt really clear it up, as worldsaver is to 7 destinations & unlimited is to 25 destinations. The contact i have states 25 destinations in one section included and is crossed out in another.


Re: $90 unlimited cable bundle


Hey zylax


You say you are paying $90/m which to me would suggest you are on the 200GB bundle which is the second plan located on this LINK


This states "World Saver rates to 15 destinations"


The "25 selected destinations and mobiles in 7 selected destinations" is only included in the "Unlimited Data Bundle" which costs $115/m


So I would suggest the "X" next to it below in the contract is correct, if you have any doubts or concerns maybe giev them a call to clarify


Hope this clears your question


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Re: $90 unlimited cable bundle

I see the same thing. Im abit confused now.

Re: $90 unlimited cable bundle


Hey Zylax,


Check out the CIS for the $90 Unlimited Bundle here.


So just to clarify, you do definitely have Unlimited International calls to 25 fixed line and 7 mobile destinations. What that section is showing is that all international calls are not included in your plan BUT you do have Unlimited International calls to 25 fixed line and 7 mobile destinations. The X is just to indicate that all calls are not included.


Hope this helps!

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