9 months of Cable Internet Dropouts -


Hi all. Hoping someone can help with what could be causing this frustrating situation.
I have been an Optus Cable customer for many years with close to 100% uptime. We moved to a new home about 9 months ago and was supplied with new CG3000V2 modem/router.
We have since day one had intermittent dropout of internet connection – ie WAN/Cable Connection – the router and LAN stays up. I log into router web page and can see that the connection has restarted. ALso see orange light on modem.
We have had 5 Optus Technicians visit. Totally useless! I feel sorry for the guys as each just seem to make stuff up and tell me they don't know. They know little about TCP/IP and networking that's for sure.!!
We finally got a new modem/router and problem still there. . ie we have internet access for random period – could be as little as 1 hour or as long as 30, ...then bam! internet drops. comes back after 2 minutes .
I log into the Advanced web page of the router and under cable connection details can see the exact time since last reconnection.
Can anyone provide some feedback as to what may be going on at Optus end that is causing this?
- I am told by optus signal strength is fine though i'd like to know what are the correct levels
- can i send syslog files somewhere to then forward for evaluation
- could it be my LAN devices causing the dropouts? if so what should i look for

Re: 9 months of Cable Internet Dropouts -


Hey there @paqtek - It's not good to hear that you've had ongoing problems with the service there Smiley Sad I'm happy to look into what's going on and discuss this further with you. Are you able to send us a PM with your account number, your full name and DOB? 

Re: 9 months of Cable Internet Dropouts -


Hi, I know what you mean, luckily I have only had the problem for 1 month so far. I have had Optus techs out 3 times so far, they have come up with the following,  I need a new modem, it's my power supply, it's my lan,  there's damage to the cable out the front and we need to get a cherry picker to fix it (not spoken of again by Optus).

Unlike you though, mine drops out at a regular interval, every half hour, restart it at 5 minutes to 9pm, it will drop out at 9:01pm, makes no difference, then it will drop again at 9:31pm, then again 10:01pm and so on, with or without a restart, it still drops out. I try and explain this to the call centre, but their job is just to book a tech unless they can get you to restart the modem and get you off the phone. I tried explaining it to the techs, and they say but it hasn't dropped out, well that would be because you arrive look at it, come up with some reason for it, like its the power supply, then leave.

My next call, after the tech comes out tomorrow (yes 4th visit) will be the telecommunications ombudsman, after the tech comes out and tells me something like the modem needs an update or I have bad power or something else as ridiculous, as I am quite certain until they look at their own network, this problem will continue.

Hope yours gets fixed soon.



Re: 9 months of Cable Internet Dropouts -


Hi @Peter1310, sorry to hear about the trouble you've been having with your connection. Smiley Sad How did the tech visit go yesterday?

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