450.4.7.1 - excessive emails HELP


Good AFternoon,


I have been blocked from sending outbound emails. reading through the forum i understand this comes off but to be honest i need to use this now not in 4-6 hours or 24-48 hours depedning on the thread.


Optus can you please advise how to unblock now.

Re: 450.4.7.1 - excessive emails HELP


Pretty sure you'll need to wait. If there was a way to reduce the amount of time to wait or remove the block, it wouldn't be worthwhile placing the restriction on in the first place.


I think the time varies though depending on how many you sent and in what time frame, so hopefully won't be too much longer.

Re: 450.4.7.1 - excessive emails HELP


Hi @pjcollinsau, sorry to hear you were blocked from sending. Bubba is right though, the filter will usually lift the block within 24 hours and there is no way to remove the restriction manually. The filter we have in place is designed to protect our customers and our network from spam. One of the checks it performs is based on the amount of emails being sent in a 24 hour period. As the service is residential, the filter will first block you if you send over 30 emails in a day. The next time though it takes less emails for that filter to block your service as it works similar a demerit system, so the more times you're blocked, the quicker the block will be applied the next time. If you're using your email for business or sending a newsletter to a club or group etc, I personally would recommend using an alternate email that doesn't have the same limitations. I know that's not an ideal answer but we're unable to alter the filter for individual needs, so for now that's my personal advice to help you avoid any frustration if you're likely to be sending larger volumes of emails in future Smiley Happy

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