Re: 4 weeks no internet


Hi Esther,


Still no internet and it has passed 30 days already. Last week we were told that this will be resolved 3 to 5 days. It is almost weekend now and still no update.


We were told that someone will keep in touch with us but no one dared to call us and provide us an update.


Hoping that the next tech will be the last.


We have been spending so much for alternative internet solution. Please resolved this.

Re: 4 weeks no internet


Hi @Hamonsanr, I Can see Esther referred the ticket to the Case Management team. They are waiting for a response from the relevent group before contacting you but have a call set for 27/04. 

Re: 4 weeks no internet


Hi All. No one called us to provide an update.


This is frustrating now. It is now Friday 5th week without internet connection.


My husband called earlier and the representative just told him to wait for the call. His name is UMESH.  By hey no one called us when EVERYONE in Optus is saying someone is going to call? We waited for OPTUS call us back but no one called us for over a week now.


This type of service sucks and no one from Optus take an ownership or follow up or initiate to resolve this Internet issue. This issue should be resolved in a matter of days not weeks not months but just days!


Could you please have the people in Optus or contractors to provide an update.


The location is in PRIME LOCATION. VERY NEAR to the CITY but heck no Internet.


Re: 4 weeks no internet


This isn't really what we like to hear & I'm sorry this is the case @Hamonsanr. I've checked your fault reference and can see the team is still working on this and also waiting for an update from our wholesaler. Because of the delay the call back has been pushed back to 1/5. 

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