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Occasional Contributor ae00711
Occasional Contributor

30+ drop-outs, what's going on?

On the 8th of Feb I signed up for a new 2-year contract: 500GB Mobile Broadband, with the B525 modem.

The internet is blazing fast............ but more unstable than a meth addict.

I have had over 30 drop-outs, all but one requiring me to restart the modem.
I went back to the Optus shop on Thursday (14th), and the staff convinced me that a sim swap would most likely solve my issues.
The sim swap hasn't helped at all.
When I was at the shop, I initially asked for a modem swap, as I suspect (more than ever) that the modem is faulty. I was told I could only do this, if I wait for the modem to be sent away for testing, thus I would be without internet for a week.

Optus... why do you unnecessarily make life difficult?
Why do you:
1) impose a small, restrictive list of modems that can be used? You don't restrict which mobile phones access your 4G network, why should it be any different for modems?
For every restriction you place on the consumer, you sour their experience more and more. Yes, we get it, you want to try to help people who may have problems - BUT - not everyone will, and there are plenty in the crowd that are tech-savvy enough to work out how to use other modems. STOP RESTRICTING
2) according to the staff member I talked to at the shop on the 14th, the only way to swap the modem is to hand it in, wait a week (no internet), then maybe get a new modem. Optus: STOP making it difficult in getting a service that we/I have paid for, and stop making it difficult working out a solution - make problem solving easy by reducing the amount of time it takes, the amount of steps it takes, and the amount of down time is spent, when a problem does arise. Optus shops should have a handful of spare modems, to loan out, in cases like the one I am in now. STOP BEING RESTRICTIVE

When this saga is over, I /DEMAND/ recourse.
I don't pay for a service that doesn't exist. So Optus, you will have to refund me for this months bill, either in full or part-thereof.
I'm sure the TIO will agree.

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: 30+ drop-outs, what's going on?

1 - Restrictions - Most likely for support reasons - Afterall its Optus's own descision to do so - and your not forced to sign up.

2- I would suggest going into network settings and selecting the non 2300Mhz option and see what happens.

You dont indicate which suburb you are based in, therefore cannot determine what bands it may be connecting to, but I know that device has an option to not use the 2300Mhz Band 40 and that may be the issue as it is very dependent on signal.

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New Contributor mhh
New Contributor

Re: 30+ drop-outs, what's going on?

Ive had an identical experience.


Same brand new plan, same modem, same 30+ dropouts a day. Its never worked properly.


Now after 4 hours with tech support trying every possible fix and a new sim card i have to send the modem off to repair.


Its really not ideal to have to send away a modem on day 3 of a brand new service with no replacement offered.


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