200gb mobile broadband for $60


Hi  i recently recontracted the new deal of 200gb for $60 in a 12 months plan over the phone. The sales team send me an email with the contract which only stated 100gb data and no mention of bonus data.

In my account I can see only 100gb plus the data left from my last plan. When I contact the customer service, they told me that all the contract related to bonus offers are like that and I will get the bonus data from 2nd month.!!

Has anyone faced similar issue with this deal?

Re: 200gb mobile broadband for $60

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Yes that is correct. Most of those bonus data offers start on the second bill and you should find that in the Critical Information Summary pertaining to your plan.


Edit: It actually says it on the flyer even though I wouldn't call bonus data a discount. 



Re: 200gb mobile broadband for $60


Personally I thing the 200Gb data for just $60/mth is misleading and deceptive.


Its actually 192Gb data for just $60/mth. While not a huge difference it quietly saves Optus 4% off the cost of the plan (and you get 100Gb less than you think you are paying for.)


Optus Backend systems seem incapable of applying a deal off the bat (even sending clear confirmations of the deal you just agreed to is not possible most of the time). This shouldn't be used as an excuse for skirting around the consumer laws on fine print exemptions (i.e. don't make them).


Peter Gillespie

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