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Unfortunately I have recieved 3 different answers from 3 different Opotus staff members. that does not include the initial answer i recieved before preordering my S8.


My initial question was under my current contracts, if i preorder the S8, will I be eligible for the $20 discount that is mentioned on my home NBN plan? The answer was YES. Checked again...YES again.


Since recieving my S8 and looking our for the $20 discount...this is what I have been told by 3 staff members either through chat or on this forum in PM.

1. Yes you can get the $20 if you upgrade you home NBN to the $80 a month plan. (that was news to me)

2. Yes you will...on your next bill.

3. Yes you will, but only if you consolidate your two bills into one. They are both in my name. Both at my home address. And I checked before preordering and it wasn't an issue.


Not happy Jan as it is not being resolved. It feels like I have been lied to and mislead. It is ridiculous.

Re: $20 bundle discount


@Windheli We'll need to check your account on our end, it may be possible to change to the $80 plan. Shoot me your account number, full name and DOB to check it out.


@andrewbat Sorry you've had such a run around, shoot me your account details and I'll work out what's happening. 

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Re: $20 bundle discount


I have also been given the run-around regarding the $20 bundle discount! I have just spent over an hour being told by mobiles I need to speak to home phone department, then told by home phone I need to speak to either mobiles or the sales team and finally speaking to a manager who told me it wasn't available!


This was clearly advertised as a feature for existing Optus Home Phone/Internet customers when I was researching (and ultimately signed up for) my Galaxy S8 plan - so I obviously factored this saving in when comparing S8 plans with other providers!


I now have my S8 and called to enquire about the $20 bundle discount on my home phone/internet only be given the complete runaround and to be told that they are no longer offering it and that it was discontinued back in April (before I even received my S8 which wasn't until 5 May!).


How can you advertise something as a benefit of purchasing a mobile and then discontinue it before customers even receive their order!! Very misleading and I don't know what else to do other than complain to the ombudsmen!

Re: $20 bundle discount



Very disappointed with Optus.

As a loyal customer, my first mobile phone was with Optus and currently have two mobile plans wich cost me $116.00 per month.

I wnat to swithc home broadband to Optus, however just told by operator $20.00/m discount on home broadband no longer exist.

I can't recall my memory that this promotion is for limited time only!

The AD just lile the one below which misleads us this is the constant benefit for existing customer.

Feel dishonest which not supposed to be releted to a industry leader.


Re: $20 bundle discount


Hi, after getting nowhere with online chat and then getting disconnected from a phone chat (argh!), I visited an Optus store.  A friendly man in store phoned someone directly for me; "Sai" has promised to give the $20 discount as she could see that the salesman did indeed promise the discount.

Sure glad Optus sales people keep notes of their promises! 

Re: $20 bundle discount


Yikes. It... really shouldn't be this hard for us to get a straight answer. Especially when they KNOW that the discount is the only reason we signed up for an additional service in the first place. Optus, you suck.

Re: $20 bundle discount


This is happened same to me .


When I ported from Vodafone to Optus, Optus did not give me $20 off .



Re: $20 bundle discount


Because they are shifty trying to sort out my discount now.

Re: $20 bundle discount


I am also trying to get my discount.  They also charged me $10 for a TV download service that they claimed I must have accidentally signed up to and which I certainly did not.  Did you contact the ombudsman, thinking of that myself.


Re: $20 bundle discount


Looks like they just made another promise. Have you actually seen the discount on your bill yet?

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