$2 Statement fee on my Account



I'm being charged a $2 statrement fee on my monthly invoice. 

I pay by direct debit and there is nowhere for me to have this send via email. My mobile phone invoice is delivered by email.

It looks like this $2 fee may have been going for some time.

I don't believe I shoudl be charged this fee and I have never been given the option for emailed statements.

This fee needs to be removed AND all past charges reimbursed.

Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


The link below shows you how to turn paper billing off and this should remove the fee. If you don’t have access to the My Account portal I would speak with support and get them to turn it off for you.

Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


This only works for mobiles. It does not work for landline and broadband.

There does not appear to be any option for it to be turned off for landline/broadband. In fact it even states that I am setup for online and email bills for this service - which is rubbish.

I do not want to spend 15 mins or more waiting to spear to someone on the phone to sot this out.


Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


Your accounts aren’t linked together? I understand what you are saying but if the system is not working as expected then you will need to speak with support. If you don’t like using the phone then you could always try the live chat link below.

Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


I'm getting the $2 fee now too.


I was on a internet plan and switched to a bundled plan however not one sales rep told me that my direct debit instructions would not carry over.


Overall, my satisfaction level with Optus is low.



Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


Hey Guys - if you're unable to change your plan to email billing via My Account the chat team that Yeldarb linked you to should be able to assist. 

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Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


i am also being charged a fee because i choose not to do direct debit this is ripping off consumers if they are doing it to everyone not doing direct debit

Re: $2 Statement fee on my Account


Optus OVERPAID for English Premier League so it looks like some Accounting Whiz has come up with a PAYMENT SCHEME to RIP OFF customers to pay for their mistake I will not pay their fee and i will not go on Direct Debit i will keep paying what my Contract says and not a penny more also i will be writing to the Ombudsman and the Minister for Telecommunications to bring this RIP OFF to their attention also the way Optus are BULLYING their customers into Direct Debit i suggest that more people do the same and then Optus will feel the pressure it is putting on it's customers for a change

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