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I talked on chat for a while and the agent did not understand non-direct debit processing fee, and thought I was talking about paper billing.

When I looked at the CIS of my 100GB Mobile plan, I found only a reference to


When I looked at that page, nothing alerted me to the $2 fee.


However, when I got to the "How to Set Up direct debits" part, I found this


If you cancel direct debit you may incur an account processing fee (excludes: Mobile accounts).


That's all I can find, regarding any type of non-direct debit fee on my 100GB Mobile Broadband.


Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


It seems that this fee is for fixed broadband, not mobile.

Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee

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Hello, I've had some issues with the Optus non direct debit fees and found the online help people to be no help. If you need an email to contact someone at Optus who can actually help try:
*. they are various management people.


Good luck!


* edit, removed employee email addresses.

Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


if we are going to be charged a $2 non direct debit fee then im going to charge optus a $2 internet fee which is my cost incurred allowing them to save on paper statements. This dd fee is a rip off rort

Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


I checked my bills and realised they started charging me for this at the beginning of the year. I never received and communication stating that I would be charged for paying my bills! It was never charged in the past for the same service. cmon Optus have some respect for your loyal customers. Please resond.


Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


I don't Direct Debit because i am continually finding excessive charges on my Bill and am always ringing to query these charges and am Batting at 100% but would Optus be so generous if it already had my money and had to Credit my account me thinks not unfortunately there doesn't seem to anything ILLEGAL with ths charge as i have enquired with TIO but it still is UNETHICAL when their Accounts Dept make so many OVERCHARGES

Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


Did you receive a CIS when you'd last recontracted? All account fees are mentioned in the CIS you'd have received upon signing up for the service.


The account charges have been in place now for a few years. 

For more info on account fees, check out →




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Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


No Intimation was received, in fact the email bill is also very irratic

Re: $2 Non-Direct Debit Fee


That is not correct, Optus started charging me the non-debit dee in may. I have been a customer for past 4 years never an issue before that

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