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Occasional Contributor mukas
Occasional Contributor

1Mbps speed in the evening



Optus cable is extremely slow past few weeks in the evening (and slow for the last year or so) to the point that it's basically unusable. I'm getting pings between ~100-200, download speeds 1-2Mbps and upload speed ~0.4Mbps. Yesterday upload speed even failed the test on


So can't watch Netflix, Stan, can't play online games on PS4, even simple browsing is a pain. I've unlimited plan with speed pack and been with Optus for ~17 years and never seen it this bad.


This morning ping was 17, download speed ~70Mbps, so clearly congestion issue. NBN in our area is planned for 2019, does this mean I'm stuck with basically no internet in the evenings for whole year?


I'm on Riverwood node in Sydney.

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New Contributor PISSED0FF
New Contributor

Re: 1Mbps speed in the evening

same shiit for me, I'm in Newington sydney. The internet is slow incredibly slow that we can only connect one device at a time. 
Optus will not do anything to help. They are a bunch of lazy c*nts. I live with 4 adults, so you could image, 4 phones, 3 laptops, 2 xbox, no internet. We have to fight over who gets to use it. 

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