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New Contributor Brenie
New Contributor

10 year Customer can't transfer to NBN

So iv'e been with optus well over 10 year's had adsl2+ for as long as time of the ice age!

Iv'e truly spent 3 months day after day after day after day to try get my switch from adsl2+ to NBN even went to my local optus store to update all the information that is needed! 

And still nothing is going my way 10 *languagefilter* years you can't transfer a service from adsl2+ to NBN LIKE*languagefilter* are you kid's doing! 


So over it*languagefilter* i'm going to Aussiebroadband with a simple click and i'll have NBN in 48 hours!

Stupid customer service all in INDIA With zero*languagefilter* knowledge!


10 YEARS of nothing but*languagefilter*

I hope singtel fails and crashes soon We aussie's have had another of this crap!


10 year customer can't even switch to NBN because everyday i call OH we are so sorry sir blah blah blah let me look at your account oh we are sorry sir blah blah blah we can't help you LOL LIke come on 


I pray to god this stupid company burns to the ground

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Trusted Contributor
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Re: 10 year Customer can't transfer to NBN

As you have chosen another provider, there isn't much more anyone can do.


I've had to edit your post because of the inappropriate language and simply remove the language that wasn't appropriate. Please keep the language clean and respectful. 

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.
Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: 10 year Customer can't transfer to NBN

good work @Jeneral__Pain , btw how do you edit someone's post to apply the decency filter? 


After reading the rant, I am still not sure what is causing the issue, is it because NBN is not available at OP's address or NBN got the address wrong with the location mapping making OP not able to connect?

I’m a Yes Crowd Champion (not an Optus employee). I share my knowledge on Yes Crowd on a voluntary basis. If I answered your question, please mark it as a Accepted Solution. If I helped you out, hit that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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