1.9 mbps ddownload


Hi, I have ridiculously slow cable internet. It's dropped from 35mbps to 1.5 mbps consistently.


I have factory reset the modem, reset, my pc, did all the usual with still no results....


Can you please assist?


Re: 1.9 mbps ddownload


Given you've posted it at 3:29pm on a public holiday, I would hate to say it but it's likely congestion given the holiday.


Your best bet for help @Manic112  would be to call 1300 300 693 and speak to cable technical support, or using your phone OFF your WiFi, to use Live Chat to discuss your concern.


Again because it's a public holiday long weekend, it will be a few days if not a week before the Social Media team is back on deck (Easter Monday, Anzac Day Thursday) so there will be delays.

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