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0.40 mbps slow internet & false advertising slow internet


For the past year and a half I've had super slow internet, usually 0.40 Mbps or lower, I have to always hotspot from my mobile to use the internet. 

Ive tried multiple times to get in contact with someone who says they'll call back but never does, or they call back once and if I miss the call that's it for me... I'll need to wait on hold for another hour or more. 

Ive sent emails with no response and been promised call backs that never happened. 

They advertised rocket fast speeds so as far as I'm concerned it's false advertising and terrible customer service promises... I want a full refund but I can't even get a hold of something that can help. 

If you can't even open google, why should I be paying $60 a month? If I need help or assistance, why can't an optus rep make sure I get it via email responses or calls... I've been doing this for over a year and I'm just sick of it. 

Watch how optus replies in a friendly way but nothing will get done about it, I'll be very surprised if my problems like so many others gets solved. 

The records of my calls and emails haven't even been recorded on file.. there has to be someone out there that works for optus that actually cares about their customers right. 

Re: 0.40 mbps slow internet & false advertising slow internet


Well I guess the speed issue may have something to do with the internet technology that you are using and Optus may have no interest in fixing it. Not knowing what you are using the only way I have found to get answers from Optus is to be persistent. If that doesn't work you can always make an official complaint or take the matter to the TIO if you wish. Depending on the outcome you may be better off just spending that $60 on wireless broadband or looking at NBN technology if it's available in your area.


Re: 0.40 mbps slow internet & false advertising slow internet




I hear you and think you make a lot of spot on points. Particularly the "friendly but not actually helpful". Running a billion dollar business is no doubt tricky but Optus seem to have made many cost related business and operation decisions that is now slowly seeing a 


If I didn't know better I'd think Optus was planning to ditch the landline business altogether based on its treatment of customers and its own network over the past few years. So many comments here refer to how good the Optus product was in the past, customer service wasn't really needed as the product performed as advertised. But now with increasing complaints, many seemingly based not on the network but on how hard it is to get simple things actioned. Where's my contract? Where's my phone? Data usage is 10 days old? Incorrect or missing billing items month after month? Setup direct debit? etc. etc. 


It took a massive fail for Vodaphone to realise it needed to take a root branch pproach and try rebuild its shredded reputation a few years ago. Perhaps Optus is waiting for a similar collapse in consumer confidence in its products and ethos? Its mobile services are still enviable (and the customer base is growing) despite 'issues'. But the NBN transition has seen Optus almost walk away from its entire internet customer base IMO. 



I think @Yeldarb is right that its definitely time to look at the entire package and see what better options you can find.


Peter Gillespie

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