Porting your home phone number to Optus

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28th Oct 2015, 12:38pm

What handy tips should I be aware of when transferring my home phone number to Optus?


  • Have the account number of your current home phone provider handy.
  • Keep your number active with your current service provider during the transfer.
  • The current account holder has to submit the request to transfer the service to Optus.
  • If you have special features including but not limited to Fax Stream Duet, Line Hunt, Customer Loop Metering or PBX Rotary on your line, it may delay the transfer of your number.
  • To ensure a smooth transition of your service to Optus, please ensure that the details that you have provided are correct and up-to-date.
  • With these details, we will organise the transfer with your current service provider.


Where can I find my Account number?


  • It is generally located on the front page of your printed telephone statement. The invoice number may change from statement to statement but your Account Number/ Customer Number/ Customer ID should remain the same.
  • If you have online billing, it may be located on your online invoice or it could be located next your personal login details.

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