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One of the first things you should do if you’re experiencing slow speeds or drop outs with your ADSL service is to perform an isolation test. This will help identify and resolve a large number of potential problems from within your home.


  1. Unplug all devices that are connected to phone sockets (not just the one the modem is plugged into).
  2. Ensure the modem is powered off for a full 10 minutes and then plug it directly into the first socket in your home (the one that you believe is the first connection from the street) without any filter.
  3. Plug the modem into the power as well and wait for the DSL light to stop flashing.
  4. Once you have a solid green DSL light, connect the modem via Ethernet cable to your computer and run a speed test. If the DSL light doesn’t turn a solid green after a few minutes, you’ll need to contact tech support on 13 13 44 for further assistance.
  5. If your connection has improved then you’ll need to start reconnecting the rest of your devices (home phones, filters, etc) one by one, testing the connection as you reconnect each device until you find what is causing the problem and remove that device.

If the isolation test doesn’t improve your connection please call tech support on 13 13 44.

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