How to get the most out of your Available Bandwidth

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Are you having trouble streaming that movie? Or getting that file to download? We've pulled together some information on what will use your bandwidth within your home and how you can reduce or stop some devices usage to allow more for others. 


Multiple PC’s/devices connected

  • Disconnect or turn off all non-essential devices when you're using the internet connection for other purposes (phones, tablets, consoles, etc)

Devices connected to WiFi

  • Minimise the use of WiFi during peak times
  • Minimise the number of devices connecting to WiFi during peak times
  • Disable WiFi whilst you're using the internet connection for other purposes

TV/streaming services (ie. Fetch, Netflix, Stan, Presto)

  • Lower the video quality the service is using through the settings menu
  • Minimise the number of these services used during peak times

YouTube/Video Streaming

  • Minimise YouTube/Video Streaming whilst you're using the internet connection for other purposes
  • Lower the quality of the service by reducing the video quality 


  • Minimise or stop Peer-to-Peer services whilst using the internet connection for other purposes
  • Schedule Peer-to-Peer when no one is home (or the internet is not required for other uses)


Cloud/Backup (ie. Dropbox/Microsoft Onedrive/Google Drive etc.)

  • Schedule your data to sync when no one is home

Radio/or music streaming

  • Minimise or Stop streaming

Computer/console gaming

  • Reduce or stop any computer gaming that uses the internet
  • Schedule updates when no one is at home


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