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Ethernet troubleshooting tips

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Ethernet troubleshooting tips

Hello Community,


Recently I had an issue with my Ethernet settings. I could no longer connect via Ethernet on any of my devices (such as my PC and laptop). I tried a basic networking troubleshoot but it didn't work. I also called Optus but they didn't help. So here's what I did. 


Problem: PC/Laptop not connecting via Ethernet (Error: Indentifying Network...Unidentified Network...) 




**Ensure that your cables are properly connected, are working and none of your ports are damaged**


1. Perform a Factory Reset on your modem. (I have a Netgear modem that was provided with my Cable plan. Model: CG3000v2


2. If the above step doesn't work, or nothing changed since - then disconnect your Modem's power cable for 30 seconds and wait. Once done, hook your modem back up and power it up. 


3. Not working? Launch CMD and ensure that you have enabled DHCP settings. You can do this by typing: ipconfig /all - if it is disabled, re-enable them by selecting "Automatically detect DNS" in your IPv4 settings located in your adapter configuration.


4. Perform another Factory Reset (this will hopefully enable the DHCP settings on the modem and wallah, you are now connected via Ethernet again Smiley Happy


I hope this helped. I found that this worked for me, and in saying this, it may or may not work for you. If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to DM me (tyson5ek).


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