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Bridging your NBN Modem/Router.

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Bridging your NBN Modem/Router.

You ready to use your new NBN service and you have noticed that the Modem/Router supplied just doesn't have the kick you expected!


You have tried a number of methods to squeeze that last Megabyte out - and it just won't happen. Well here is a rather simple solution to get that extra kick that you were after plus more!


  1. If you went out and purchased a brand new Modem/Router by chance (not sure whether you were going to have one supplied) you’re ready to go.
  2. If you want to purchase a new Modem/Router, there are plenty to choose from. (If you are an internet user that only checks & sends emails and occasionally browses the internet your probably satisfied with how things are running now). If not! An ideal start would be to ask your friends what they think of the new NBN and if they have done anything to improve the performance. Everyone has a different setup for different situations. For example: I have 3 mobiles at any given time accessing the internet via WiFi. I also have 3 PC's which two are running practically all day via Ethernet (LAN Cable). This is a normal situation for my household without any complaints or hiccups.


I have achieved this is by what’s known as "Bridging", it's a process of connecting to Modem/Routers together!


Firstly I did some research into what type of Modem/Router I would need for my situation. If you would like to have the same setup and speeds that are just right for everyone, I'll explain the method used.


  1. I purchased a Netgear D6300 Modem/Router (as I mentioned above - there a plenty to choose from) this one was reasonably priced and suited my needs.
  2. Approximately 1 Hour of your time to set up. Setup: NOTE: Remember to Position both Modem/Routers as close as convenient to the centre of your home and in a high position. (this will allow full advantage of the WiFi signal to reach every room - if this is not possible near your PC will do).
  3. Turn OFF Wi-Fi and remove all "LAN" cables from the back of the existing Modem/Router (leave phone line and fibre connected).
  4. Connect the "LAN" cable from port 1 of the existing Modem/Router to the new Modem/Router Fibre/Internet Port.
  5. Now connect the other "LAN" cables from you PC's to Ports 2,3 & 4.
  6. Connect the Power supply that came with the Modem/Router.
  7. Turn your new Modem/Router ON and let it go through its setup process, which should take a couple of minutes.
  8. Once all LEDs are active and indicating activity, turn ON the Wi-Fi.


NOTE: In order to connect to Wi-Fi, you need to use the NEW password supplied with the new Modem/Router not the old one. Now its only a matter of familiarising yourself with your new toy and enjoying the internet the way it should be. Please remember these speeds are governed by your choice's made when signing up for the new NBN.

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