iPhone raincheck process

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13th Sep 2018, 9:35am

We know that when a new exciting handset is released you want to get your hands on it as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes due to high demand stock runs out before demand does. In which case, your phone order might be on raincheck or backorder.

Raincheck means we’re currently out of stock on your selected device, however we are expecting a new shipment of stock soon. We can place your order and will keep you updated once stock has been processed for delivery. The device will be sent to your address or the store of purchase, which we’ll tell you at the time of order.

Backorder means we’re currently out of stock and delays are expected so we can’t give you a time frame for delivery. However, if you place a backorder, the order will be placed in a queue and we’ll send you an order confirmation number via email once your backorder has been processed.

While you wait we will be in contact with weekly updates for the first three weeks, and we’ll let you know once the stock arrives.  If we experience extended delays we will contact you with fortnightly updates so you can plan accordingly.

Here’s what you need to know about your raincheck or backorder tailored to your circumstance:


I'm new to Optus

If you’re a new customer (welcome!) and you are waiting on the delivery of a handset, your new plan will activate and charges will commence once your new phone is delivered. If you’re transferring your existing phone number to Optus, you’ll remain with your previous carrier until the handset is delivered and we can transfer your number across. If you have Device Protect insurance you’ll start being charged the premiums once the phone has been delivered to you. You will be contacted along the journey with SMS updates to keep you on track with your order.


I'm an existing customer

If your account number starts with 62, your new plan and charges will start from when the new handset is delivered to you. Here’s how to find your account number if you’re not sure. If your account number starts with an 8 or a 9, your new plan charges start when you sign up and then we’ll credit you a pro-rata amount for the period you were waiting on the new handset. Find out more about how we charge you. You will be sent SMS updates so you know how your order is progressing.


I ordered online or over the phone

If you ordered online or by phone or live chat, we will keep you updated via SMS. You’ll hear from us regularly while you wait, and we’ll let you before delivery that stock has arrived and it’s on its way.


I ordered in-store

The store will place an order for you, and they’ll let you know whether the phone will be delivered to your home or if it will need to be picked up in-store. If the phone needs to be picked up, the store will let you know once the phone is ready in-store.

by Visitor Tiffany96
‎2018-09-30 08:57 PM

It’s been TWO MONTHS and 2 weeks, I’ve not had contact once regarding my order.. “we will be in contact with weekly updates for the first 3 weeks”  right okay. No email, NO phone call and NO text messages. Don’t even know why I bother with Optus anymore. 

by Moderator Ev_
‎2018-09-30 11:40 PM

I'm sorry to hear about the delay you've had with your order @Tiffany96. If you can send through a private message with your order/account details, we can certainly try taking a look into this from our end. We'll need your order/account number, full name, date of birth and mobile number. 

by Occasional Visitor Melp85
‎2018-10-04 07:00 AM

 Can someone please tell me what this means?? Has the order been processed and I'm waiting on stock?? Or is it the same as it was when I placed the order


by Occasional Visitor Melp85
‎2018-10-04 07:04 AM


by Occasional Visitor TOOGuns23
‎2018-10-04 07:08 AM

Its supposed to mean it’s being submitted and processed but it’s not always 100 per cent the case. You should have received an email from Optus confirming your order. But I’ve found out twice that it’s better to follow up even after. I had to wait two months for an internet connection and now it’s going on two months for a mobile phone delivery

by Occasional Visitor Melp85
‎2018-10-04 07:26 AM

Really, that's shocking. I ordered this model only because it was the quickest delivery time. It quoted 1-2 weeks. All others estimated upto 8. I have not received any email or SMS. A friend ordered the same. She's received 4 update emails. All saying its coming but no change. I understand the overwhelming orers I'm sure optus received for the iPhone xs. But I'm sure the system can't be that out of whack to not even send a simple confirmation email or SMS. I had to find the order myself through my own account and still. Nobody knows what's going on


by New Member JoshElwin
‎2018-10-04 04:05 PM

Ordered 22nd September along with my partner through the lease system. Partner was to get her phone delivered by mail and to hand her phone in store. I was to collect new phone in store and get the return bag via mail for my old phone. Partner had her phone delivered today (5 oct, 2018) to her work, so I rang the store and they gave ETA of over 2 what's it going to be? Can I change to get it delivered to my work too?

by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-10-05 01:54 AM

Hey @Melp85 - Can you send me a private message confirming your mobile number, full name and DOB? I'll see if there's any notes attached to this. 



@JoshElwin - you can request that your delivery address be changed to your work however this would mean we would need to re-key your order which may cause further delays. 

by Visitor TB1998
‎2018-10-08 09:20 AM

I ordered my iPhones Xs max on the 30th is September and I’ve only received one email update what is going on and why is it taking so long for my phone to be delivered. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-08 11:48 AM

Hi @TB1998, which colour and storage capacity of the iPhone Xs Max did you order?


Did you order the handset online, over the phone or in-store? You didn't receive an email with an estimated shipping date?


If you'd just placed the order, depending on the colour/storage size, the maximum delivery-time is 3 weeks. 


I can't imagine your device is too far off. 


You'll receive an SMS the day before your handset is shipped. The next day, you'll receive a follow up SMS with a tracking reference a link to track the progress of your delivery.

by Visitor TB1998
‎2018-10-08 11:53 AM

Hi @Dan_C

It’s was a 64gb and black or space grey, i also ordered it online with the $45 flex plan and no I never received an estimated date

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-08 01:10 PM

I can take a quick look Smiley Happy Can you send us a private message?


I'll need your full name, DOB and mobile number. 



by Visitor Fe2018
‎2018-10-09 07:31 AM

I ordered my iPhone Xs max on September 14th and I’ve only received one email update what is going on and why is it taking so long for my phone to be delivered. 

I ordered online, the iPhone Xs Max, 256 g, space grey

by New Member 2170bro
‎2018-10-09 11:37 AM

Vodafone! 😄😄😄😄

by Moderator GuyCS
‎2018-10-10 01:06 PM

Hey @Fe2018 - can you shoot me a private message with the following so we can check out your order:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Order number:




by New Member HJudd
‎2018-10-10 01:52 PM

After being an Optus customer for over 10 years I can say this service has been terrible. 


Ordered the xs max two and a half weeks ago, took a week for Optus to call me to confirm details. Since then I’ve been given no updates when the website says frequent updates will be given. Talked to customer service via the chat 4 times and each time been given different information. No one seems to know what is actually happening. 


My old contract is up and was told by one customer service rep that I would be given extra charges for swapping my plan but couldn’t tell what exactly they were for or how much they would be! 


Meanwhile ive had friends walk into Optus and get new phones straight away with no dramas. 

by New Contributor Caro1
‎2018-10-15 04:34 PM

I have ordered a iPad Pro and was told it would be earlier than the 3 weeks that they said it’s been 3 weeks and when I go and check my order it says rain check now I have spoken online and also the store during the last 3 weeks! I did ask if I could get a different one but no one can do anything regarding this I have had no sms regarding the delivery or what is happening when I talked on line they told me the 3 weeks were working days and it was going to take 21 days. I am over this I am going to go back to Telstra and the ombudsman over this!! So over it ...

by Moderator Wesley-J
‎2018-10-16 01:52 AM

Hey Caro1 - generally a SMS will be sent to you when the device has been allocated to your order and dispatched from the warehouse. If no notification has been sent then most likely we're awaiting for stock to arrive. I'll be more than happy to follow this up and see if I'm able to provide you with more information. Please shoot us a PM with your full name, DOB and order/service/account number. 

by Member VUnit469
‎2018-10-23 02:02 PM

I ordered a phone nearly 2 weeks ago with the understanding I would see it at most 2 weeks time. If it take any longer my no. Porting over will end up starting a new month with my current service provider and I’ll most likely end up paying for 2 Service providers which based on the information given online wouldnt occur. Any plans to remedy this?

by Moderator GuyCS
‎2018-10-24 10:24 AM

Hey @VUnit469 - not great to hear there's been delays with your order. Feel free to send me a private message with the following info and we'll check it out:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Order/Service number:


Once we have that, we'll see if we can get an update.

by Frequent Visitor CMazz
‎2018-10-28 10:38 AM


I ordered iPhone XS 64GB in space grey on 17 October 12 days ago. I’ve received no further updates from Optus. Has new stock been received yet? Will I receive the phone within 3 weeks in accordance with reincheck? I tried chatting online but I got no information and then the consultant ended the chat before I got any answers. Please provide an update ASAP. Thank you 

by Moderator GuyCS
‎2018-10-28 11:30 AM

Hey @CMazz - apologies for any difficulties getting assistance with your order on Live Chat. Can you please shoot me a private message with the following info so we can check out your order on our end:


Are you the primary account holder: Y/N
Full name: 
Date of birth: 
Account/Order number:

by New Contributor Caro1
‎2018-10-28 11:41 AM

Wanting a number for the ombudsman TIO but just get told you have to wait until they escalate it and how many supervisors or people do you have to talk to to get one?? 

You start getting charged for half of your order and you haven’t even put the sim in bill went up not down so frustrated and still no idea when my iPad Pro is coming So over Raincheck!!

by Visitor Zeedee82
‎2018-10-28 01:59 PM

Ordered the iPhone xs October 8th - the silver one because it was showing in stock - received an email October 11th saying there are delays in processing and was issued a temporary order number, and assurance that my order would be processed 'soon'. Haven't heard a thing since then. What's going on? 

by Moderator GuyCS
‎2018-10-28 02:01 PM

Hi @Caro1 - I've just sent you a private message regarding this. We'll chat there. 

by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-10-28 04:04 PM

Hey @Zeedee82 - happy to take a look into this for you. Can you please confirm your account/order number, full name and DOB via private message? 

by Frequent Visitor AhmadHauna
‎2018-11-02 03:49 PM

Hi, i ordered my iphone xs max 512gb from harvey norman blacktown on 5th october 2018. Until now, i didnt receive any update yet from optus. Can any one assist me and thell me what is the status for my order?

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-02 05:12 PM

Happy to check on the status @AhmadHauna.

Send us a PM with your order details. I need your full name, DOB and mobile/order number. 


What had the store representative at Harvey Norman advised?

Did they say you'd be contacted as soon as the phone arrives in-store? 



by New Member WLan
‎2018-11-05 09:57 AM

I placed my order for HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO before 1st Nov for Bonus Freebuds and a wireless charger. But I received the confirmation email today!!! So can I get the Bonus?

by Blog Author chloesok
‎2018-11-06 06:17 AM

Hey @WLan, thanks for reaching out! For more information on redeeming the Freebuds and Wireless Charger, please check out this thread.


From my understanding, as long as you've purchased before the 9th November 2018, you'll still be able to redeem them Smiley Very Happy 

by Occasional Contributor siers
‎2018-11-08 02:19 PM

The My Orders linked to which has taken me to this page about the iPhone raincheck process. Where do I find out about Samsung phones?

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-09 06:52 PM

Our raincheck process doesn't differ from manufactuer - manufactuer.


Are you trying to track the status of the order?


Track your order. 

by Occasional Contributor siers
‎2018-11-10 07:34 PM

Hi @Dan_C, yes I am already tracking my order for a Galaxy Note 8.


The order sends me to this page called "iPhone raincheck process".


If this page is for raincheck from all manufacturers then why does it say "iPhone"?

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-10 08:38 PM

Hmm, that's odd.


This page was created in response to the iPhone XS launch.

I'm not sure why you're being directed to this page.


You're saying that when you trace your order, you're being directed to this page? 

How long ago did you place your Note 8 order? I've checked our stock report and we have plenty available for order. It shouldn't have been placed on raincheck. 

by Member VUnit469
‎2018-11-10 08:01 AM

I’ll share my raincheck experience as it might help someone in future


I ordered my iphone XS online and it was saying delivered in 1 week once approved.

I believe I read somewhere during the process maximum 2 weeks.


I got the initial temporary email confirmation and then the final confirmation that everything was all good.


A week passed didn’t see any updates in regards to shipping or when the item would be sent.

Followed up with optus chat team, still couldn’t get an ETA but they were still quicks to respond and help.


Near the end of the second week still no updates and after a little chat again with online team

still no updates or ETA. So to avoid try and avoid starting a new billing period with current service provider I figured I would try instore to get the iPhone. I was advised not to cancel the online order until could confirm instore had stock and they should be able to cancel the order instore.


Short version, that was fruitless as the instore team couldnt cancel the online order with the system they have

and the phone no. we rang to be able to do that was closed at the time I was there during late night shopping.


The phone eventually came a few days outside the max 2 weeks I was expecting and because of that I’ve ended up with 2 phone bills for the month. There was no sms or email giving me tracking details when the item left the warehohse. I did get an email saying it left but no method in which to track it.


The phone and online chat help was great quick and helpful. I just don’t understand how there can be such a disconnect  between the service team and warehouse. The day I got email confirmation saying order was sent I still couldnt get an ETA off Optus? I feel if Optus could get the warehouse information updated on your order it would cut down the no. of customers the service team would need to deal with as we wouldn’t be left in the dark and feel we’d have to contact someone to find out whats going on. To essentially be told IDK.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-10 03:24 PM

Hi @VUnit469, appreciate the feedback.


I just don’t understand how there can be such a disconnect between the service team and warehouse. The day I got email confirmation saying order was sent I still couldn’t get an ETA off Optus?


That's really not that way it's intended to be.


The customer should receive a series of SMS messages.


1). Once the order has been sent to our warehouse for packaging - an SMS should be sent to confirm that the handset is almost on its way.

2). Once our courier has received the order - another SMS is sent out with the tracking reference and a link to the Startrack - Track and Trace page. 


Had we ever mentioned our delivery tracking page

by New Contributor beaver69u
‎2018-11-11 12:37 AM

whatttt, ive ordered weeks ago, ive recieved one email saying optus will keep me updated, that was 10oct, i even live chattex and got same reply, we out of stock, ..


is that such a hard question too answer,?

i know people who have the exact hanset but from telstra and vodaphone, so why aint optus got them???

please explain, please answer me thanks ....

by Blog Author chloesok
‎2018-11-11 03:11 AM

Hey @beaver69u, thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about the delays with your order. 


If you could please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and account or service number, along with your order number for the handset, we'd be more than happy to take a closer look into this one for you and see if we can provide you with any updates here. 

by Occasional Contributor siers
‎2018-11-11 12:16 PM

Hi @Dan_C, yes that's correct. When I track my order for the Note 8 (placed on the 7th Nov), it has the link to this page at the bottom.

Optus Order.png



by Blog Author chloesok
‎2018-11-12 05:16 AM

Thanks for the screenshot, @siers.


From my understanding, the link at the bottom is supposed to provide you with some information about the raincheck process. In saying this, if you'd like us to take a closer look into your individual order, we can investigate this further from our end and help to provide you with an update.


So that we are able to do so, please send us a PM confirming the following:


Are you the account holder for this service: Y/N

Full Name: 

Account/service number: 

by New Member Jasanda
‎2018-11-20 11:26 AM

Hi I have placed an online order for the new 12 inch iPad with sim plan, can you please confirm if this is on backorder or  not? Order number is 35605905A. Thanks!

by Blog Author chloesok
‎2018-11-21 04:11 AM

Hey @Jasanda - we can certainly take a look into the order for you!


So that we are able to do so, please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and account or service number, along with a reconfirmation of your order number and we would be happy to investigate the order status for you Smiley Happy 

by Frequent Visitor Ageos
‎2018-11-24 02:33 PM

I put through an online order and was called etc via confirmation as a new customer porting across.

I logged into the portal to track the status of the order, and I see this message.  Is the phone actually out of stock?  This message is confusing.


Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 11.05.30 am.png

by Moderator Tris
‎2018-11-24 04:29 PM

When did you place the order @Ageos? Looks like it's in stock currently, you'll get notifications as the order status changes

by Frequent Visitor Ageos
‎2018-11-24 05:34 PM

Hi trish

it was this morning.

by Moderator Tris
‎2018-11-24 06:24 PM

Thanks @Ageos, order notification shouldn't be too far off. For further details, please chat with our Sales Support team 

by New Contributor nadameow
‎2018-11-26 05:51 PM

Just to warn people - Ipad Pro 12.9 2018 512 orders (and possibly all ipad pro 2018 orders) are raincheck, with no indication of when they will have it in stock. This is despite the fact that online site indicates they are still available. 

Hopefully, we will see new stock soon - but not holding my breath given the track record... it may be a month or two. 

by Occasional Visitor kjf1975
‎2018-11-27 08:20 PM

Like all the comments I have been reading, Optus simply doesn't update on orders.

I ordered new iPad on 21 November.  Online and said Stock Available.  According to the website, I was eligble for express delivery.

Order just said Submitted.

When not recieved, I called on 23rd and Optus Call Centre on said it was out of stock.  Online still said available so she checked her end and hers showed available as well.  So according to the call taker she would follow up and let me know what was happening.  Haven't heard anything since.

Order still says Submitted and have no updates. No Raincheck.  No Backorder.

Now checking online the one I selected says Out of Stock.  But at the time it wasn't.

Would be good if Optus communicated.  And since it was available when I ordred I should already have it unless it was simply untrue that they even had any stock.

by Occasional Contributor jwdog
‎2018-12-02 09:25 AM

Ordered an iPad Pro 12.9 512 and it's been 10 days and not a single update on status except that it says the order is "Submitted" whatever that means. So I contacted live chat and they said that it means the order is submitted to the warehosue but there isn't any stock. They can't give an ETA on when they will get stock but don't worry "you'll get an update when it is ready to ship". So the only update you'll get on the order is just before it's ready to ship, no estimates on how long they anticipate the item to come into stock or to arrive and they don't even update your order status to "Backorder" or "Raincheck" which is why we are all sent to this page. Useless doesn't even begin to describe this ordering system. I have very little hope anything will arrive by xmas as there seem to be a lot of people waiting a very long time for orders. So glad I didn't go with Optus for my latest iPhones.

by New Member M_Pham
‎2018-12-02 02:01 PM

Ordered on the 19th of Nov, no emails or communication on phone delivery. What’s happening? Give me an update please. 

by Visitor Bert88
‎2018-12-05 03:06 PM

 I know this blog is titled "iPhone raincheck process" but this is the link I was given on the Optus Track Order website for my Samsung S8+ Midnight Black.

There was no warning before I submitted the order that the phone was out of stock. There has been no communication from Optus on the status of my order since I submitted it on 17-Nov despite the fact that you say you will give weekly updates. The only way to get updates is by calling Optus on the phone.

Furthermore, when I call Optus, your answer is always "we don't know when we'll have the phones on stock". What am I supposed to do if Optus is not able to give at least an estimated time? From the other comments here it looks like I'm going to have to wait months before I hear anything. Is it worth the wait??? I starting to doubt that I will actually ever get my phone. Has anyone here received their phone yet? How long was the wait time?

by New Contributor KrakenMeUp
‎2018-12-05 06:23 PM

Is there some sort of major delay on the Samsung S8+. Ordered over 2 weeks ago with a eta delivery of 1-5 days and still waiting. Told the same rubbish by online chat and never given any updates via sms as it states. Considering cancelling the whole order, if this is how they treat new business I can only imagine the service you will get...

by Occasional Contributor Lg_1980
‎2018-12-10 11:52 AM

Reading some of these thinking wow only 2 weeks wait? How glorious!

My order was on 3rd August and not one update without enquiring myself- and then today i get notification that it is on it's way 🤣

So.... only 4 and a half months lol.


And do i even want this "bonus" Samsung tab now at such a "value" price to add on to my new phone and plan?

Nah not really... unless it's the the now-updated model for same price or this product at a cheaper price it's not worth the extra cost especially now that it doesn't align with the contract start date of my phone so the data-sharing aspect won't align at the end of phone contract unless I keep paying the phone plan....very clever Optus, guaranteeing the customer has to stick around after end of phone contract if they want to continue the benefit of the add-on device they were sold as beneficial for being able to data-share with the phone.


Oh and the classic? I gave up on seeking updates myself, cancelled order and here we are, 4.5 months later with text out of the blue informing me it's now on it's way.

Really poor form. So i have the extra hassle of sending it back.

Oh and naturally the bigger question is why upsell on an order you clearly knew was out of stock in the first place?

I will not buy a generic answer of "it would've been in stock at the time the order was placed". Nah i don't think so.

by New Contributor KrakenMeUp
‎2018-12-11 05:36 PM

Anyone waiting on the SAMSUNG S8+  on the $55 plan, BAD NEWS, I ordered on the 20th of Nov and was just advised that the phone is now end of line and Optus WILL NOT be getting any new stock. I had to cancel my order with no compensation offered as Optus say its not their fault...... Perhaps it was Santas Elves fault for not making enough????... I was advised the $55 plan is no longer available and no discount or anything can be offered for messing you around.

If you go to online chat and ask about your order they will say they are waiting on stock and leave it at that (last 2 times i did this), If you push them for an ETA they will then advise you the item is out of stock and wont be re filled and that you need to cancel. They are very sorry about the total mess up but like i said they will take no responcability for you waiting for weeks, ordering covers, chargers and screen protectors for the phone they said they can supply and then couldnt. 

Merry Chrismas Optus thanks for that......

by Frequent Visitor Ipad_pro_11
‎2018-12-13 07:44 PM

Anybody here waiting for Ipad pro 11 inches 256gb???

I ordered this ipad online through the agent where he clearly mentioned its a available in stock (space grey) i agreed and continued with the order. After 10 days of self enquiries they are informing that its out of stock where as website clearly mentioning its available space grey..

Laugh out moment today happened with me. When i started chatting they said its available in stock and ready to order now but when i gave them my existing order number they transferred chat to support and then there are mentioning physical device is out of stock. So i asked them "is there any VIRTUAL ipad too"... lolllllll 

by Frequent Visitor Shi77
‎2018-12-13 03:42 PM

I have ordered iPad Pro Gen 3 12.9” on 27/11, I have only received 1 email and SMS with tracking number. No updates received since then.

by Occasional Contributor jwdog
‎2018-12-13 03:54 PM

@Shi77 I ordered the same on the 23/11 and I haven't heard a word either. Apparently their updates are when it's "Ready to ship", I've chased up a few times and been told they are out of stock. I ordered as an Xmas present and you'd think 23/11 would be enough time but I've pretty much given up all hope.

by New Member Tabbytigerlilly
‎2018-12-21 12:26 PM

Not happy. It’s been a month since I ordered my iPad Pro and still, all I get from Optus is “3-5 working days”

repeatedly. That’s what I’ve been told every time I have enquired about my order over the last month. 

Optus is being dodgy and taking multiple orders on “backorder”, but I don’t think they’re even being ordered yet as Apple hasn’t released the iPads to Optus. Stop lying about “3-5 working days”, start telling the truth, and hurry up and order the iPads so they can be dispatched!!!!

by New Member MXC
‎2018-12-24 07:56 PM
I have purchased a iPhone XS and 24 month contract though optus online on the 13th for December 2018. The order was due for delivery 17-18th of December 2018. After no postage from optus on the 20th I called to find they did not process the order and the phone and sim had no been sent. I have just received a email at 17:30 today (Xmas eve) to say the iPhone is not in stock. Im a long term customer that has spent over $10,000 with optus over the years. Service was once good but after recent experiences I am sick to death of optus. Sell a product which was my wife Christmas present, fail to send it and then tell me its not in stock Christmas eve! What service tells the customer that the product is not in stock 11 days after the purchase. I could have done something about to ensure my wife her present for Christmas. Now she wont have her phone and I still dont have a ETA to even when it will arrive. I currently have 2 phone/sim contacts, home broadband and a 30 day sim which has been recharged monthly for the last 3.5 years, thats 4 current services with Ootus. I have had enough of Optus and their dishonest service and not far of cancelling all the products I currently have with them. I give optus a 10 out of 10 for taking my money and a 1 out of 10 for customer service. Thanks for being USELESS OPTUS !
by Occasional Visitor SeahawksFan
‎2019-01-08 09:18 AM

To restore some hope in Optus. I ordered my iPhone XR on the 28th December and they communicated over the phone that there would be at least a 3 week delay since it is on heavy order. They have just sent me a text today on the 9th January that the driver is in route to deliver the phone today. 

by Occasional Visitor Jadama
‎2019-01-10 03:20 PM

I was 1 to 5 business days it’s not here, not happy at all 

by New Member KathrynA
‎2019-01-15 12:30 PM

Hi I just placed an order and the status has changed to the of the item is out of stock raincheck message. As others have said this message is unclear. Is this just a standard message prior to order picking as it used ‘if’ or of I have this message against the phone name and model does this mean the item is out of stock? The ms

by New Member Gem79
‎2019-01-20 01:26 PM

I ordered my new phone in November, and still no contact from Optus, this was after they got the delivery address wrong on the first order. Not Impressed at all.

by Visitor Kahu
‎2019-01-22 04:15 PM

Hi guys,


Any update on when those who ordered iPad Pro will see their orders fulfilled? I placed my order on 23-December-2018 and am yet to receive any updates regarding my order. I understand iPad Pro is on back order - I guess I’m just writing to ask if there is any information to be shared at this time regarding fulfilment/ETA? 



by Occasional Visitor Dools13
‎2019-01-28 10:20 PM

My wife and I both ordered the iPhone XR on the same day. Mine was a different colour which online says is in stock and was told this by the sales assistant. My wife received hers in quick time, so I rang to query, only to be told by two separate workers it is on back order with no knowledge of when it will come in. They then forwarded my call to a sales assistant who said they are still showing up as in stock but no understanding of anything else as she only sells the phone. Absolute joke with no accountability, just passing customers onto the next service assistant who states something different. No responsibility taken by anyone aside from passing on the phone call.

by Visitor Boots92
‎2019-01-31 10:17 AM

I have been sent through to so many people to get a straight answer for my order. I have been given the wrong information and have spent hours trying to figure out what is going on! For my inconvenience I was offered 15 dollars off ..... what a joke!

I haven’t been contacted at any point by Optus to let me know what’s going on with my order - nor have I been provided with any useful information when it will arrive after at the start of december, I will be searching for alternative deals with other companies!

by Occasional Visitor mberkelaar
‎2019-02-04 05:41 PM

I just got off the phone to confirm my order after switching over from virgin mobile - I find it highly unprofessional that I wasn't told the phone I ordered was out of stock until attempting to track my order. Judging from the comments it is going to take me a while to get my new phone. 

by New Member Tiffdurrington
‎2019-02-05 04:56 PM

I ordered an apple watch through my local Optus store over a week ago, the man I spoke to said it shouldn’t take long & that I’d have my watch within the week. Still no watch, no email or updates as to how my order is going. I’ve rang Optus & spoken in store and nobody can give me any information about my order. 



by Occasional Visitor Dools13
‎2019-02-05 05:33 PM

Hi all, posted a few weeks ago. Admin, please delete if not allowed. So, for all rain check online orders, this is what I did. Spoke to the online sales manager, not a consultant. There is different stock for stores and online orders (makes complete sense). The manager rang my closest store with the phone in stock (my item was rain checked online). She cancelled my online order and I went in store and picked it up signing up to the in store price (15 bucks more than online). They saw when I switched the phone on and called me to revert the contract back to the online price. From being rainchecked with an Unknown delivery date to the exact phone in my hands in two days. Good luck all

by New Member obbers
‎2019-02-07 01:46 PM
I ordered an IPAD Pro on the 26th December and I have received nothing I have also requested this to be escalated and still nothing No Updates and your raincheck note is very poor. my order is 41308314A, If your not going to supply the order just let me know.
by Occasional Visitor newphone19
‎2019-02-11 08:54 PM

I ordered a phone 8 days ago and haven't heard anything. When I enter my order number into the tracking system, I get a message that says the order doesn't exist. I received one email 8 days ago confirming the order no. and that's all. No further emails and no SMS messages. I have no idea whether it's a raincheck situation, a back order, or even a lost order. I'd like to know what's happening please. The order no. is 47043134A. Thanks.

by New Member Richo8000
‎2019-02-17 09:24 PM

Hi. I am new to Optus. There has been no clear communication when my Phone order will arrive. The website said 1-5 business days. Its been 7 days and there's no notifications as to where it is, no tracking number no email. Poor customer relations Optus!

by New Member PradhanPD
‎2019-03-11 09:56 PM

Hi.. I have ordered an iPhone xs on March 6th and I've not heard anything regarding the order other than a generic status saying a new atock expected soon. When ordering, it was mentioned the phone would be delivered in 1-5 days. If I don't hear anything back I may have to switch

by Visitor Joluka
‎2019-03-27 09:10 AM

Ordered the s10 on March 12, heard zero from Optus, my order doesn't say raincheck or backorder, nothing. 


Have phoned, was told it was being dispatched that day (March 18), still nothing.  Got on FB.  3 days later they told me 'can't see why your order hasn't been sent,  you will have to phone'. 


Got on live chat,  they said it would l be 3-5 more days (March 20) and that Optus would definitely text update me.  Now it's 28th, still nothing. 


Great customer service. 

by New Member maratiata
‎2019-03-28 02:11 PM

Very annoyed to find out that there's no stock of the iphone I ordered when on your website it says in stock. 


by New Member maratiata
‎2019-03-28 02:18 PM

Also, no updates from optus of course. Why do I keep bothering with this company

by New Contributor xeiter
‎2019-03-29 10:31 PM

Ordered IPhone XR 64Gb Black online yesterday. It was showing as in stock with 1-5 days delivery. Received an email with the order number. Order tracking online shows the order has been submitted as well as a warning saying that if this phone is out of stock I should be notified.


After 24 hours of wait and hearing nothing else I chatted with Optus support to check status and was told that the phone was out of stock at the warehouse and the new delivery is due soon and I should get my phone in the mail no later than in 2 weeks.


Requested to cancel order. The chat operator submitted a cancellation request and said it will be done within 1-2 business days.


I will attempt to get this phone in store. If can't - bad luck but I don't want to deal with delays in deliveries.


by Online Community Manager
‎2019-03-31 12:49 PM

For customers needing further assistance or information on their order, please visit our Orders, Deliveries & Returns help and support page.

For further help, if you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. If not, please chat with us.