iPhone XS and XS Max now available to purchase from Optus

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
21st Sep 2018, 8:03am

From 8:00AM AEST on Friday 21st of September you can purchase the incredible iPhone XS and XS Max online at and purchase in stores during retail hours. Please be aware that stock is limited.

If you have any questions, please comment below Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor GE_melb
‎2018-09-21 01:50 PM

Yeah, except this is basically a fraud, right. I pre-ordered in store during the week and I've been told a) the store isn't getting any stock, b) they can't tell me when the phone will arrive, and c) they can't even give me a tracking number that works or a phone number to call. Utterly crap customer service - basically wasted my time pre-ordering and should have just gone to someone else. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-21 04:03 PM

When did you place your pre-order @GE_melb?


Depending on when you'd placed your order, that'll determine your place in the queue.


Our retail stores do have a seperate allocation. Did you head in store today to check? 


Which model are you after? 

by Frequent Visitor GE_melb
‎2018-09-21 05:43 PM

Ordered on Monday. iPhone XS 256gb in Silver. I've been in touch with the store - they've been very responsive. It's not the store I have a problem with - it's the optus ordering infrastructure. It's completely unreasonable that there's no tracking for an in-store order and nothing better than 'maybe 3 weeks' but no real information.

by Occasional Visitor RSolo
‎2018-09-22 12:00 PM

I pre-ordered one over the internet two weeks ago and recieved an email saying i needed to contact Optus re my order. I called and eventually the staff member realised it was for a lease plan so she said i needed to attend a store to organise this and she cancelled my online order. 

I tried to call the local store (Brookside, Brisbane) and got the recorded voice saying it is not possible to call a store directly. So i tried to "Stock Check" application. The check would not validate the Iphone XS Max. So i called back again and spoke to Sales, who said the Iphones are not in stores until Oct 4 2018. I am confused due to the hold music recording saying they're availible as of 21-09-2018. 


Can we confirm this please? 


3 phone calls, multiple emails throughout the pre-order process over the past 2 weeks and I'm confused. I plan to go into a store and ask, but i dont want to waste my time if they dont actually have any until October 2018. 

by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-09-22 07:28 PM

Hi @RSolo - the iPhone was released on the 21/09 & available in store on that date, however there was a limited amount of Stock in store & the best way to secure an order would have been a pre-order.

Apologies for the miss-communication, that's really quite disappointing. 


You can still place an order however this is now on back order and i'm afraid we don't have any dates at this stage around when the device will be available.

You can place an order via our website here → Tongueostmob...

by Occasional Visitor RSolo
‎2018-09-22 07:37 PM

Hi Shauna, 


That’s a bit difficult to hear as I called about my pre-order from two weeks ago and the lady I spoke to said I couldn’t pre-order as I was on a lease and cancelled my pre-order. Can I send through my pre-order reference number and get it re-opened? I don’t see why I should have to wait again and loose my place due to staff being inexperienced or up to date. 



by RetiredModerator Tano
‎2018-09-23 02:23 AM

I'm afraid not, @RSolo. A new pre-order would need to be placed. Regardless, considering the nature of your lease and likely position in your contract, the order would need to have been resubmitted.

by Frequent Visitor GE_melb
‎2018-09-24 10:11 AM

Surprise surprise from my very unprofessional experience with optus so far - no actual answers. Don't try to order via the stores - online seems to be the only business that Optus care about and they don't tell you that in the stores. 

by Occasional Contributor SantoshL
‎2018-09-24 06:38 PM

I placed the order for iphone xs max and Apple Watch at 5.28pm 14th September. On 21st September I got optus tracking number and it said waiting for more stock to arrive.I really needed a phone quickly so I preordered as quick as possible. Website was still saying stock was available when I placed the order. 

After that day I am following up with the team online. 

On 21st September evening, I spoke to a customer representative online and she advised me that she can see on her side that my order will be at the door with in 4-5 business day and She gave me star track tracking number and I can check the progress after 24 hrs.

Today after 2 days I tried to check the progress and website said number not found. 

So I started chatting with online representative and she advised me that my order is on back order. I can’t believe this is Optus who claim to be the best network in Australia. What a joke. I am signed up so I will let it go, but I promise in this life I will never recommend Optus to any of my family members. I understand there is a stock issue but why did you let people buy at the first place if you cannot fulfil the demand. 


My friend told me not to buy through Optus and I didn’t listen, he dancing now cause he got his shiny phone on the day of launch and I still don’t know when I am going to get it. 


Thank you guys for reading this I feel bit light now 😂😂😂😂😂 I still love Apple products though 😂😂😂😂😂 which motivates me to wait longer 😂😂😂

by Occasional Visitor Simbo
‎2018-09-25 08:29 AM

My Iphone XS MAX was ordered last week in store (dont get me started on the rude, arrogant, lazy and misleading staff),  I am an existing customer (not that it means much in terms of quality or priority of service). First of all i couldnt track its order number. had to call for an accurate consignment number. started its journey on the 19th Sep. It has been tracked from sydney to Karratha to Perth. Its only just been "received for processing" in Perth after being processed in both sydney DFPC and karratha. How many times does this need to be processed? making a round trip through the country before I receive it. Ive received packages from the otherside of the globe faster than this its nonexcusable and actually irritating. Startrack are wasting resources, energy and time and given how much im paying for this phone and how long i have been an optus customer one would like to think that something as simple as meeting and exceeding customer expectations would be of importance to Optus. Calling it out for what it is. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-09-25 11:11 AM

I hear what you're saying @Simbo


The pre-ordered handsets were shipped from our warehouse on Thursday. 


You received an SMS with the tracking details on the Friday? 


What you consider your area to be regional or metropolitan?



  • If you make an online order before 12pm (AEST) Monday – Friday, you will be eligible for next day delivery


  • Delivery timings should be around 3-5 business days in most regional areas


If you do have any questions for us, I'm happy to try and help. 




by Frequent Visitor GE_melb
‎2018-09-26 11:33 AM

@Dan_C I'm sorry but this is just another non-answer. I "pre-ordered" from Optus last Monday (after the online team apparently stuffed up my account and said that my DOB was incorrect... It wasn't.) but I still don't have an iPhone. And your store teams have no information - you might not either, of course, but it's just ludicrous to say "pre-orders were shipped" when actually, no, they weren't. Some of us are still at the back of the queue with no information. It seems like Optus are staffed by people who mean really well, but are totally unsupported by a crap system that forces them to disappoint customers.

by New Contributor mihznikki
‎2018-09-26 01:57 PM

Has anyone Optus customer even received their pre order iPhone XS Max?

by Occasional Visitor icbcategoric
‎2018-09-27 03:09 PM

I ordered the bog-standard XS 64G within 1 hour of pre-orders going live, and am still yet to even be "allocated" stock. What an absolute joke.

by Occasional Contributor kvassar88
‎2018-09-28 02:41 PM

@icbcategoric That's ridiculous, considering I ordered the Xs Max 256gb on Sept 19th and it arrived today. (the other phone i ordered at the same time now though looks like it won't arrive for another 2 weeks)


Different models have different demands so yours was probably the in super high demand.

by Occasional Contributor Ramkumar
‎2018-10-01 04:34 PM

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by Occasional Visitor Angem81
‎2018-10-03 03:09 PM

It’s just really frustrating when your deciding on a phone and then ask when the phone will be available and the store person comments that the phone will be in next week.Itz now nearly two weeks and still not in.just very frustrating as I may of chosen another phone due to the one I got now is crap 

by Contributor Pommster
‎2018-10-09 01:16 PM

What is the wait time for a silver iPhone XS 64GB at the moment? My online order was processed Friday 5th October and the tracking is currently sitting at "Your order has been processed. Next stop, our warehouse!".

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-09 02:12 PM

Can I take a look @Pommster?


The Optus website does show the iPhone XS Silver 64GB as available (delivers from one week). 


I can't imagine that yours is too far off. 

by New Contributor minomin
‎2018-10-30 11:25 PM

First of all i couldnt track its order number. had to call for an accurate consignment number. started its journey on the 19th Sep. It has been tracked from sydney to Karratha to Perth

by Moderator Ev_
‎2018-10-31 04:16 AM

Hey @minomin, please feel free to send through a private message with your order details - order number, full name, date of birth and mobile number, so we can take a closer look into this for you.

by New Member Flinstones
‎2018-11-21 08:25 PM

What price was set for the handset for an iPhone XS Max during September?

by New Member Flinstones
‎2018-11-21 08:29 PM

Sorry did anyone purchase an iPhone XS Max 256 g during September. Would like to check the handset charge