iPhone X now available to order from Optus

by Online Community Manager ‎2017-11-03 08:00 AM (30,995 Views)
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3rd Nov 2017, 8:00am

From 8:00AM AEDT on Friday 3 November you can order the incredible iPhone X online at and purchase in stores during retail hours. Please be aware that stock in retail stores is extremely limited. If your local store does run out of stock, you can still place an order on the day to get in the queue for delivery.


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by Occasional Visitor ALFRED
‎2017-11-03 06:18 PM

Hi guys I placed my preorder via the retail store


Do you have an ETA for IPhone X to be in the Optus store anytime soon for the preorder 

by Occasional Contributor JenniferInglis
‎2017-11-06 08:35 PM

I was the 3rd pre order in my local store and I haven’t heard anything. Ordered on 29.10.2017. I just thought their in store stock would go to in store pre order - apparently not :-(

by Occasional Contributor mrPOVO
‎2017-11-08 01:29 PM

Pre-ordered with a New plan in Store (Modbury) on the Sat 28th...

Still nothing from Optus... No Emails/SMS - Any updates? Smiley Frustrated


Also - why can't you call the store direct?

Number list 08 8396 6666 gets diverted to an automated answering serviceSmiley Mad

by Occasional Contributor JenniferInglis
‎2017-11-09 08:11 PM

Can someone please confirm what sort of communication people are expecting to receive if they placed their order in store. 


Online orders are getting emails with “updates” yet in store ore orders get nothing. We’ll probably just get a phone call in 6-8 weeks saying our phones have arrived. 


Every single person from Optus that I have spoken to said online comes before in store orders - what a joke!!! 


Can someone from optus please confirm what the plan is for in store customer?? 

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2017-11-09 08:49 PM

Hi @ALFRED, really sorry with the delay in getting your handset delivered. To get an update on your order please contact the store and they'll be able to check the order and their stock allocation. 

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2017-11-09 08:52 PM

So sorry @JenniferInglis  with your order delay. Have you contacted the store since to get an update on your order. 

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2017-11-09 08:54 PM

Hi @mrPOVO, the stores don't have direct numbers but you can certainly visit the store and get an update on your order. Alternatively we may be able to check your order status. Please PM us Here and we can look into this. 

by Occasional Contributor JenniferInglis
‎2017-11-09 08:55 PM

Hi @Aman_B i have phoned the store they said they would just call when it arrived and that there’s not much more then can do. I used live chat tonight and the person I spoke to said they would contact the store to request regular updates. The store told me it would be ready last week, when I called yesterday they said another 2-3 weeks but were unable to track it so I don’t know where they are getting the time frames from. 

by Moderator Aman_B
‎2017-11-09 09:19 PM

Hi @JenniferInglis, I've responded to your other post regarding this.  With regards to your order if you have an order number we  can get an update on this. Please PM me Here your details and I can check your order . 

by Occasional Contributor mrPOVO
‎2017-11-09 11:54 PM

Hi @Aman_B I contacted online chat and they said they couldn’t see in-store orders as they was apparently a different system? Suggestion was to call the store direct...


Referring to my first post “number gets diverted to an automated service 😬”  Contacted online chat once again and they suggested the same.


I’m just keen (and sounds like everyone else here) is wanting an update/progress of their orders...why so hard?

by Occasional Contributor smithers
‎2017-11-10 09:07 PM



I was the first one in the store on Saturday the 28th and pre order 2 phones, I hadn't hard anything from optus or the store since. I got told orignally it would be maybe Monday after the realese but not likely and had a time frame of about 1 -2 weeks. 


Went into the store to day where i order from and asked the guy there who I've been doing bussiness with for the last 3 years or so said he has no idea whats going on casue Optus hasn't told them anything about when delivery are coming. 


He did say that apparenlty optus head office was having a meeting today and shouild be sending something out to them on Monday about time frames and whats happening, he said his hoping that mine would come still in 1 or 2 weeks. He also said that if  someone come into being Friday the 10th they have been told to tell them it will be a 6 to 10 week wait for the iphone x. 


Hope OPTUS sorted them self out today to get information out there on Monday and the phones as well.


by Occasional Contributor mrPOVO
‎2017-11-16 05:11 PM

Just got a call from the Optus Store - my X has arrived 😘👌🏻

by Occasional Contributor Adamgrantclarks
‎2017-11-21 01:57 PM

I would like to get one but i have to wait to march 2018 before i can swap it

by New Member Sharifudin
‎2018-06-27 07:38 AM

Hi , i just want to know how long should i wait to approve my order?

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-06-27 08:00 AM

G'day @Sharifudin, It's really dependant on the sales channel i.e. retail, online over the phone as well as whether you're a brand-new or existing customer to Optus.

If you're a new customer, we'll need to submit a credit application. We're looking at roughly 1-2 business days for a result.

Once that's been approved, your handset will be delivered within our standard delivery time-frame.


1-2 working days for Metro

3-5 working days for regional