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Yes Crowd’s Huawei Nova 3i review

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Here it is folks, our newest review. This is our first review after the sad departure of review queen @LucyS. This time we’ve had the pleasure to review Huawei’s newest addition to its Nova range of handsets.


We were so happy to get our hands on the Huawei Nova 3i so we could share everything you need to know if you’re considering this device. Great news is - it’s got everything you need, glamorous design, powerful processing power, a super impressive camera, not to mention an affordable price tag.


Design + Display


The overall design of the Nova 3i screams premium. The 3i sports a premium glass front and rear with that familiar trending “almost” bezel less display. We were lucky enough to get our hands on the eye-catching purple model.

The rear panel shifts between several hues of pink and purple (depending on lighting conditions).

We noticed that the Nova 3i is not so large you can’t use it with one hand, yet still big enough to show off an impressive 6.3-inch Full HD+LCD (2340x1080p) display. To top it off, the i3 comes with massive 128GB of built-in storage, expandable with microSD. 

For a full overview of the specs, check out our Huawei nova 3i Launch blog


Huawei Nova display.png

Trying out the rear camera


I admit that I spent a considerable amount of cash on an entry-level DSLR and although I had every aspiration to make it as a proficient photographer, there it sits collecting dust while my phone camera is clocking up all the mileage. So, I’m very happy to find that phones like this one make it incredibly easy to take wonderful, dynamic photos.

The Nova 3i’s integrated AI camera was the highlight of this review.

The Nova’s AI engine has been especially designed to recognise 22 categories of over 500 + scenes. Essentially, while you’re occupied by vivid scenery you’re trying to capture, the phone will adjust your camera settings to ensure you’re prepped and ready to go for a quality shot.

The rear camera is comprised of a 16 megapixel + 2-megapixel dual arrangement with auto focus. The 2-megapixel sensor works to capture the depth of the subject you’re shooting (which lends itself to achieving authentic bokeh effects).

I was reasonably impressed by the AI mode (a simple tap on the top of screen activates this feature).It’s worth mentioning that most of the shots we captured were in AI mode, minus our shot auto vs AI shot comparisons.


Huawei row 1 using.png


The camera’s UI provides a helpful description of the scene the AI engines algorithm has detected, such as snow, beaches, sunrise or sunset.For those that prefer a bit of manual config, you can switch to “pro mode,” this allows you to tweak settings such as shutter speed, ISO, white balance and heaps more.


Huawei row 3 using.png


The shots taken with AI are definitely vivid, however in some cases I found that colours did appear overly vibrant. This did actually work to our advantage when snapping our night shots. Colours that may have otherwise appeared dull in auto mode were amplified with the help of AI.


Huawei row 2 using.png

Huawei row 4 using.png


A few tweaks to the exposure & aperture yields some great results, especially shooting at night. 


Trying out the front Camera


The Nova 3i is jam-packed with features that’ll take your selfie game to the next level, the rear and front camera both sport a dual arrangement. You have a 24 megapixel + 2-megapixel depth sensor (for that sweet, sweet bokeh). 

Huawei have also introduced their very own “beautification algorithm” in which the sensor does its best to adjust your settings in response to the subject. Check out my "surly looking selfies," below:

Qmoji and Augmented Reality effects with camera


The Nova also features its own Emoji overlay feature, dubbed “Qmoji.” Huawei’s variant on this relatively new feature allows users to record facial expressions and generate a 3D Qmoji that you can save as a GIF or in video.


Huawei Freebuds




The FreeBuds are Huawei’s wireless Bluetooth headphones that make for easy, cruisy, uninterrupted and tangle free listening. I for one was super excited to test out these bad boys. I’ve never ventured into wireless earbud territory (mostly due to the fear of misplacing yet another valuable piece of tech). The pairing process is super simple and using the buds themselves are even simpler.

They connect as soon as they’re taken out of their case and the infrared sensor detects when they’re in & out of your ear. A quick double tap of the right bud pauses music whilst a tap of the left bud summons Googles handy assistant. Tapping either bud allows you to answer and end calls (this can cause issues if you’re struggling with the fit).


Included within the box are four different sizes of liquid silicone ear-tips. The first one I tried sit nice and snug. The sound quality was great for everyday listening and the battery gave me solid three hours of playtime. 


Final thoughts: 


For a mid-ranger, the Nove i3 ticks all the boxes. A great rear and front facing camera, unique eye-catching design and the processing power to boot. If you're convinced, check out or plans here. What do you think? Leave your thoughts below 🙂 




LOVE that colour Heart Heart Heart

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

I need a model with a more powered full throttle beautification!

Great review, Dan! Looks like a sweet phone.


That smoulder @Dan_C Smiley Tongue Love the photos you took as well. 


The camera quality is so good!!!


Those night shots are impressive. 

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Retired Employee


@Megan_YC, I might smile next time round

@Toomey, it's cool hay! 


What do you guys reckon?  @Davelew @MiCCAS @petergdownload @SillyGogo @Yeldarb @SamSam @Paddyle

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Regular Contributor

Great Review @Dan_C  does this mean you are staying with Andoid and finally resigned to the fact Androids better then the Evil iOS?  I'm sure if I ask @Felicity_YC very nicely, she will even let you keep it!!  No need to put that poor Optus sim back in an iDevice, its been punished enough! Smiley Happy Smiley Very Happy

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Respected Contributor

Thats one awesome phone at that pricepoint!

Crowd Champion
Crowd Champion

 With that facial expression in your selfies @Dan_C your thinking although this is a good phone I am still going to mortgage my house and get  the iPhone XS.