Yes Crowd Member Recognitions - August 2016

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
14th Sep 2016, 2:43pm

Each month, we call out the top Yes Crowd members from the previous month to acknowledge all their hard work and awesome contributions to the community. From our top chosen members, we also choose an overall Super Member of the month who wins a special prize. When choosing our top Yes Crowd members, we look at the quality of their contributions as a whole, so it’s not just based on the member who answered the most amount of questions.


So without further ado, our top Yes Crowd members in August were:







Our Super Member of the month is @markdennis!


Congratulations and thank you to all our top members for their terrific work this month.


If you want to be recognised as a top Yes Crowd member, simply join in the conversations in our forum, answer questions and share your knowledge and experience with other users.


We’ll be back again in October to announce the top members for September. Thanks again to everyone who contributed, Yes Crowd wouldn’t be the same without you.


Yes Crowd Team.

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2016-09-13 03:46 PM

Well done @markdennis Smiley Very Happy

by Super Contributor
‎2016-09-13 03:52 PM

Yay, Thanks!