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Would You Rather: Christmas Edition

RetiredModerator Megan_YC
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With Christmas fast approaching, we know that your preferences will be crucial to what ends up under your Christmas tree. But when there’s so much to choose from, it can be tricky to know what you really want! We’ve narrowed the options down in a game of Would You Rather – Christmas Edition, where you can only choose one option per question! Choose wisely Smiley Very Happy

Would You Rather:

  1. Winter or summer weather for Christmas?

An age-old dispute: is it better to have a White Christmas with warm wine and cosy jumpers, or a hot Christmas in the sun and a nap following an afternoon of swimming?

  1. Google Maps or a GPS to navigate to Christmas lunch?

Depending on where you’re driving to (i.e. within a city or in regional areas), Google Maps may be sufficient if you have phone reception throughout the car trip. However, if you’re anything like my family, you’ll need a GPS to navigate you down a dirt road when you’re an hour from the nearest town.

  1. Google Translate or an old fashioned bi-lingual dictionary for your international adventures?

For those of us lucky enough to escape the country this Christmas break, you may be in need of a translator. Google Translate is great and can come up with some hilarious translations. But a trusty bi-lingual dictionary can come in handy too, especially when you’d rather save your phone battery for sightseeing photos.

  1. YouTube or Spotify for those lengthy car rides?

One excellent form of entertainment for long car trips has to be music. Whether it’s different passengers taking turns at playing the DJ for an hour or switching over to a reading of your favourite novel, YouTube and Spotify provide something for everyone.

  1. Reading the newspaper or turning on the TV to catch the latest news?

A break from work over Christmas is always welcomed, but without access to the newspapers and TV in the lunchroom every day, how are you going to catch up on the latest news at home?

  1. Flights to a tropical destination or flights to your relatives this festive season?

Will you be flying to a destination you’ve never been to before? Or trying to fit all your Christmas presents into one suitcase for the flight home?

  1. Cryptocurrency or old school cash and card to buy your Christmas presents?

Although Cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin) is becoming increasingly popular, old school cash and card is what most of us are still using. You might find it a bit tricky to do your Christmas grocery shopping and pay with Bitcoin!

  1. Netflix movies or a trip to the cinema to keep the kids entertained these school holidays?

Netflix offers a barrage of entertainment, with something to suit everyone. But this choice is a tricky one: do you put on a movie at home or head to the cinema for an immersive experience? Although you can only pick one winner in this game, the best solution would be to choose both and cash in on Hoyts’ discounted movie tickets if you are an Optus Perks member.

  1. Using your smartphone or camera to capture Christmas lights?

Taking photos in low-light can prove to be a tricky task (although this is something Samsung’s Note9 perfects), so do you choose to take photos in low-light on your smartphone or a separate camera?

  1. A seafood Christmas lunch or a poultry Christmas lunch?

One of the most controversial Would You Rather’s, and one that always seems to divide the nation. Would you rather have a nice seafood feast on Christmas day, or go for the more traditional turkey and cranberry sauce?

Tell us what you prefer in the comments below Smiley LOL

Blog Author

I had a white Christmas last year in the US and it was amazing! But nothing beats Christmas at home with the family.Heart
We always have turkey and ham on Christmas and a seafood lunch on Boxing Day - best of both worlds! Smiley Tongue


What are your Christmas preferences @Megan_YC?

RetiredModerator Megan_YC

Oh nice, that sounds amazing @Kara_YC! I love a white Christmas as well, nothing like going to the Christmas Markets in Germany and getting a Kinder Chocolate crepe and mulled wine Smiley Very Happy


My family's the same, we always have turkey on Christmas Day. I'm not a fan of seafood though Smiley Tongue


@Dan_C @Ray_YC & @AlistarS what about you guys? 

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

No different to the other 364 days of the year, whatever the missus produces from the Thermomix Smiley Wink

Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Now @Ray_YC it's about time you got the BBQ lit up for Christmas lunch and give your wife a break.

As for sun or snow definitely the sun. I had 59 years living in England and every year spent a fortune holidaying in far away places to get the warmth. Now in Australia every year we spend the whole of December in Patonga NSW. Usually with seafood for Christmas lunch and if capable steak for dinner in the evening.



Blog Author

 @Davelew sounds perfect. I love the Central Coast - we go up there every year between Christmas and New Year to visit my grandparents 

RetiredModerator Megan_YC

That's completely understandable @Davelew Smiley Tongue I lived in Reading for three years and winters were pretty chilly haha. So lovely that you get a warm Christmas every year now!


And yeah @Ray_YC fire up the barbecue!!

Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

I was born just outside Reading @Megan_YC and lived near for 20 years and came to the conclusion after living and working all over the UK the only worst place to live in England was Slough.

Top place to live for me was the Cotswolds (except for the rain) Had a 250 year old stone cottage in the pretty village of Chalford Hill and only sold, after 35 years, when I obtained permanent residency in Australia.

RetiredModerator Megan_YC

Oh how cool, small world @Davelew Smiley LOL Haha I completely agree with you about Slough! 


Love the Cotswolds, so beautiful!! Sounds like you had the best spot Smiley Very Happy