Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Information

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29th Mar 2016, 2:28pm

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On 25th March Microsoft commenced upgrades for Windows Phone 8.1 devices to Windows 10 Mobile.


Customers can install the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app on their phones to check if it is eligible for upgrades.


What is the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app?


The Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app will tell you if your Windows Phone 8.1 device is eligible for the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. If you are eligible, it can also help free up space on your device so you're ready for the upgrade.


How to install the app


1. On Windows Phones, at Start, swipe over to the All apps list, and then select Store.

2. Search for the windows 10 Upgrade Advisor app, and then install it on the device.

3. Open the app on the device. It checks your device and lets you know if it’s ready for the

upgrade, if an update is required before you can get the upgrade, or if your device can’t be upgraded.


Confirmed devices purchased from Optus which are eligible to receive the Windows 10 Update:


Lumia 930, 640, 640XL, 830, 532, 635 (1GB), 636


For more information on this upgrade process you can find out more through Microsoft:


How to get Windows 10 Mobile


Eligible Windows 10 Device Information

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2016-03-29 07:05 PM

Excellent post and I am wondering if I have downgrade rights to Windows 7. Smiley LOL

by Occasional Contributor juniper
‎2016-03-30 12:26 AM

Thanks for the update Andy! Just wondering if unlocked phones on the Optus network will receive this update? And if so, will Lumia 1520 receive the update.

by Retired Employee Andy
‎2016-03-31 04:51 PM

Hi @juniper just got confirmation that unlocked phones that are eligible for the W10 update will receive it on the Optus network. The Lumia 1520 is eligible, so it's best to use the Upgrade Advisor app to check if the update is available yet.


For Lumia 1520s sold in Australia the W10 update should already be live Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor juniper
‎2016-04-01 02:44 PM

Thanks Andy, but sadly the upgrade isn't 'live' for Lumia 1520...and the app states to download the upgrade from Phone Update (in settings) - but this says the phone is up to date (albeit on 8.1 denim) ...seems a little bit of miscommunication regarding this...or is this why you state 'should be live'

by Contributor singingwolf
‎2016-04-03 08:42 PM
Hi Optus/ et al There are a couple of issues with the Windows 10 Upgrade on Lumia 930 phones. I have upgraded two 930's and they both have the same issues. The issues are: 1) To use Cortana, you must download the Australian speech files (language files). You can add the Australian files, and it then says "downloading". But does this continually - so far it has racked up 30GB doing this 2) Windows 10 (finally) brings an Australian keyboard to Windows phone. You can add the keyboard and it then says downloading. Like the speech files, it also continually does this. My Lumia 950XL didn't have this issue as the files were preloaded. Can Optus please have its device engineering team look at this? Thanks! Alicia
by Contributor singingwolf
‎2016-04-03 09:04 PM
by Contributor singingwolf
‎2016-04-03 12:08 PM

So, it turns out Microsoft (and therefor Optus via release notes) knew about this issue and didn't bother to make it known when releasing this update - that really peeves me off. We use those devices in car a great deal and rely on the handsfree functionality Cortana delivers.


Microsoft have fixed the issue in the new Redstone / Anniversary release but that won't be ready until July.


Not good enough folks!

by Occasional Contributor juniper
‎2016-04-05 07:39 AM

Andy...just wondering, Lumia 1520 still doesn't update to W10m - can you give any indication when this update will be made available through Optus?


Since ALL 1520s sold in Aus are unlocked CV devices we are dependent on carriers to release this update. So...when will the update be made available???

by RetiredModerator Hollie
‎2016-04-07 04:05 PM

Hey Guys!


I've passed your queries onto our Mobile Networks specialists, as soon as I have the answers I'll post back Smiley Happy In the meantime you can chat with our tech support team on 131344 to see if they have any solutions.

by Occasional Contributor juniper
‎2016-04-07 04:37 PM

Thanks Hollie, Tech Support only repeats the information at the top of this page...and then forwards the call to the it looks like you might be the only way to get an answer!

by New Member faithless01
‎2016-04-22 09:01 PM

Hello Optus Support,
has there been any progress on provding W10 mobile OTA to Lumia 1520 devices?

by Occasional Contributor CanuckInOzz
‎2016-04-25 11:04 AM

Optus Support,


I have an unlocked Lumia 640 running on the Optus network through Amaysim.  I have installed the Upgrade Advisor, but it keeps reporting: "The Windows 10 upgrade isn't available for your phone at the moment.  We're trying to determine if your phone can support Windows 10."


The 640 is definitely eligible for the update.  Microsoft says the ball is in your court as to when you will make it available.  Can you please tell me what the plans are for users in my situation?



by RetiredModerator Gen_R
‎2016-05-05 02:29 PM

Sorry for the late reply @CanuckInOzz. Has it since been released? 


by Occasional Contributor CanuckInOzz
‎2016-05-05 03:29 PM

Hi @Gen_R ,

No, I am still getting the same message that the upgrade is not available.


by Contributor singingwolf
‎2016-05-05 03:36 PM
Why don't you just join the Insider program and select "production release" - the you will get it regardless. Even the insider builds are quite stable now and have some awesome new features (Speech Pack still not downloading however).
by New Contributor piotro
‎2016-05-25 04:54 PM

Hi, Has Windows 10 gone live? I downloaded upgrade advisor app but it keeps saying that my carrier has not released the upgrade yet.




by Trusted Contributor
‎2016-05-31 03:43 PM

Hey piotro, what device do you have?

by Contributor cdayo
‎2016-07-14 10:59 PM

Any word on Firmware - 01078.00053.16236.35xxx ?

by Occasional Contributor Fr3d
‎2016-07-14 11:27 PM
You wanting some of that double-tap to wake action?
by Contributor cdayo
‎2016-07-15 11:17 AM

Damn straight

by Occasional Contributor graves
‎2017-04-06 04:25 PM


Download Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor from the Windows Store and check Nokia Lumia 1520 Manual for window 10 update instructions.