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21st Oct 2016, 12:01pm

The Premier League season has kicked off with a bang and after 8 rounds not many points are separating the teams fighting for the top spot.


To help cheer your team on, we’re giving you the chance to win a 2016/17 season home jersey! To enter is simple.


Caption this photo in 25 words or less by posting a comment below.


wr pl2.png


Once the competition closes, we’ll judge all entries and the one that we deem the most creative will win their choice of team jersey.

To learn more about catching all the Premier League action with Optus Sport you can check it out here.

The competition will run from 21st October 2016 until 11:59pm the 6th November 2016 and you must be an Optus customer to enter. Terms and conditions apply and can be viewed in full here.


by Occasional Visitor gmac
‎2016-10-20 12:40 PM

Hey Wayne,


Looks like you've dropped your balls....

by Contributor Windmill
‎2016-10-21 06:16 PM

England develop Rooney for new role - ball boy - but he struggles on debut.

by New Member TheBigFatPandaa
‎2016-10-21 06:45 PM

Rooney has dropped the ball on the field which has lead him into his new job as ball boy. Which isn't doing too well. 

by Member beaver21s
‎2016-10-21 08:17 PM

Crap, I need to make sure all the balls are returned, otherwise Mourinho will dock my pay, plus keep me on the bench.

by New Member Aninda
‎2016-10-21 11:57 PM

Confused by the speculation, Rooney empties the Manchester United ball bag and readies himself to climb inside it, desperate to prove he’s “still a perfect fit for the team”

by Contributor GeoffreyL
‎2016-10-21 11:15 AM

Pick the odd one out he says. I'm a footballer, not a thinker!

by Contributor Oethesaint
‎2016-10-21 04:23 PM

I'm only doing this so Jose keeps picking me in the team.

by Occasional Contributor Antonino
‎2016-10-22 10:34 PM

Can't believe theyre paying me £260,000 a week to pick up their balls....

by Frequent Visitor BrandonL
‎2016-10-22 09:59 AM

When Mourinho said 'bag a couple' I thought he meant goals not balls.

by Occasional Visitor MUFC
‎2016-10-22 03:15 PM

The special captain with more than 2 balls

by Visitor K_Smith
‎2016-10-23 08:51 PM

Hey José, just finished collecting all the balls from the stand from Zlatan's and Pogba's shots, can I be on the starting 11 now?

by New Contributor Stitch
‎2016-10-23 12:45 PM

All these balls and I can only kick one of them in the goal this season!

by Occasional Visitor CameronOptus
‎2016-10-23 12:50 PM

Release the hounds.. Excelllent!... Bombs away.

by Visitor brettvz
‎2016-10-23 01:23 PM

I can't believe these balls have had more playing time than I have...

by Occasional Visitor Bartulovic89
‎2016-10-24 11:56 PM

Rooney picking up his balls 

by Occasional Visitor Bartulovic89
‎2016-10-24 11:57 PM

Whoops Rooney gets caught fondling with his ballsack 

by Occasional Contributor Webby97
‎2016-10-25 02:34 PM

"Now I could only put one ball in the net as easily as I can get these out"

by Occasional Contributor Webby97
‎2016-10-25 02:36 PM

"Now if I could only put one ball in the net as easily as I can get these out"

by Regular Contributor
‎2016-10-26 09:35 PM

Oh dear my balls have just dropped.

by New Member JC6
‎2016-10-26 09:23 AM

Looks like times up Wayne...

by New Member JC6
‎2016-10-26 09:26 AM

"The not-so-special one"

by New Member TimmmyD8
‎2016-10-26 04:11 PM

Ball...ball...ball. "Jose, I still can't find my form!"

by Occasional Visitor thp
‎2016-10-26 04:20 PM

Now whenever  I lose possesion I can just get another one.

by Regular Contributor
‎2016-10-26 04:27 PM

I'm just trying to net a hat trick.

by New Member Constantinos
‎2016-10-26 04:31 PM

"I might as well start from now.."

by New Member Jacx83
‎2016-10-26 04:32 PM

Our Ballboys only get paid with pies and drinks

looks like Rooney loves his pies

by New Member PattyLFC
‎2016-10-26 04:41 PM

12 years I've been carrying this team... now I just carry their balls 

by New Member MCFC
‎2016-10-26 04:53 PM

Last time i dropped my balls, i hit puberty.

by Occasional Visitor OldKing
‎2016-10-26 05:02 PM

"The Gaffa said I wouldn't get any more balls in the net! Who's the Special One now?!" *childish scouse laugh*

by New Contributor markmccl
‎2016-10-26 05:08 PM

"If only I could get the one out of my jersey, I might get a game!"

by Occasional Visitor aus99a
‎2016-10-26 05:15 PM

The more balls I have, the greater the chance that one may sneak in.  Besides, I got them from LFC and they score goals there.

by Occasional Visitor SpursBoy
‎2016-10-26 05:41 PM

Ball boys are now pushing for first team action as Man U struggle.

by New Member Jono-96
‎2016-10-26 05:45 PM

Wayne Shrekarooney cleaning up his swamp after the balls kept on getting kicked into his swamp

by New Member AbeFroman
‎2016-10-26 05:48 PM

Worlds most expensive equipment manager. 

by Occasional Visitor xt33thx
‎2016-10-26 05:52 PM

When you show up early for the kickabout to set up the balls for the lads

by New Member zucchini
‎2016-10-26 05:52 PM

From England captain to ballboy- Wayne Rooney has really dropped the ball

by New Member Matt-Arsenal
‎2016-10-27 06:27 PM

I'm the B-B-B-B-Ball boy derrr, I have a bag of balls derrr 

by New Member AndrewCiantar
‎2016-10-27 06:43 PM

 © Optus Sports. 24.10.2016, Rooney collects the balls from the back of the net at the Bridge.

by New Member JamesJimbo
‎2016-10-27 06:48 PM

Wayne Rooney is getting prepared for all the action....... On the bench.

by New Contributor leonstokes
‎2016-10-27 07:07 PM

Ballboys can wear their idols jerseys now apparently.

by Occasional Visitor Auzzo
‎2016-10-27 07:11 PM

I remember when £260,000 per week used to buy you a quality player, now it buys you a 31 year old ball boy. 

by Occasional Visitor Krissehboy
‎2016-10-27 07:13 PM

I was told the amount of balls in this bag is the position where Manchester United will finish in the table this season.

by Occasional Visitor Wuboi
‎2016-10-27 07:18 PM

Man U is red,

Juan - nil, they're back,

Meanwhile Rooneys practicing on getting the sack.


by Occasional Visitor Mictakk
‎2016-10-27 07:18 PM

Mourinho: "When you're done with that, go grab us some freshly cut orange slices and I might take you off the bench!" 

by New Member bourkeyo
‎2016-10-27 07:34 PM

The crowd watches on in anticipation as a brave Wayne Rooney releases wild footballs into their new Premier League home - Optus Sports!

by New Contributor mikezone13
‎2016-10-27 07:42 PM

I knew Mourinho coming to United would be a balls up.

by New Member we8pompey
‎2016-10-27 07:42 PM

At least these balls go into the net easier....

by Occasional Visitor harrison12
‎2016-10-27 08:06 PM

"Oh 'ball-ocks' Mourinho has put me on the bench.... again!"

by Occasional Visitor England98
‎2016-10-27 08:13 PM

Most touches Wazzas had all season.

by Occasional Visitor Jkez
‎2016-10-27 09:11 PM

Boss, can I at least be ball boy?

by New Member legendaryeric7
‎2016-10-27 09:16 PM

"if i take all of these home, I can say I went home with the match ball!"

by Occasional Visitor Wallacedog85
‎2016-10-27 09:17 PM

"For Sale - Ballbags x2"

by New Member Adam43dub
‎2016-10-27 09:18 PM

"I wish ball control was this easy during a match"

by Occasional Visitor GunnerOkey
‎2016-10-27 09:21 PM

Sorry coach! I just can't get the balls in the net anymore! 

by New Member DylanG
‎2016-10-27 09:27 PM

Wayne Rooney C.V

Special skills
- Ball handling

- Bench warming
- Sad expression

by Occasional Visitor _Moses_
‎2016-10-27 09:29 PM

Rooney, having been dropped by the boss, auditions for the remake of Castaway

by New Member Jedd3333
‎2016-10-27 09:31 PM

Last time Rooney had his sack upside down, Manchester United won 2-1 vs city 😉 Bicycle Kick of Dreams

by Occasional Visitor Wheebsssss
‎2016-10-27 09:32 PM

Here we have the result of years of hard work and development... and collecting them is some guy called Wayne 😂

by New Member oconnordylan
‎2016-10-27 09:46 PM

Nothing wrong with a little Sunday League practice for next season.

by New Member Keyf
‎2016-10-27 10:10 PM

Poor Rooney 😩His been  dropped to the bench by Jose Mourinho just like his dropping the balls. 

by New Member SolubleFawn
‎2016-10-27 10:14 PM

They said i didnt have the balls to be a captain. Ill show them.....

by Occasional Visitor Vietamins
‎2016-10-27 11:55 PM

With this many balls , I'm certainly going to be on the ball today.

by Occasional Visitor AverageBloke
‎2016-10-27 11:55 PM

Sources have confirmed that Rooney hopes to be promoted to setting up the cones or handing out bibs, if he can find some form.

by New Member Alex7
‎2016-10-27 11:56 PM

Wayne Rooney tells the referee he's brought his own balls for the match after a heart to heart with his friend Tom Brady. 

by New Member Marksy01
‎2016-10-27 12:05 AM

Now that I've been dropped this is as close to a ball as I'll see all season. 

by Occasional Visitor J3zza
‎2016-10-27 12:24 AM

The ball is in your court now José... just hope you don't get the sack

by Visitor TLDR
‎2016-10-27 01:31 AM

The boss recommended that I should autograph the soccer balls I use in training. That way, when I inevitably shank a kick, a lucky fan will be able to take the ball home.


I told him that would not be business savvy. If I left the balls unmarked, the fans can at least fetch a better price on eBay by selling it as 'Like New' rather than 'Cosmetically Damaged'.

by Visitor JackRussell
‎2016-10-27 01:34 AM

The worlds most expensive ball boy

by Visitor ShiftyKiwi27
‎2016-10-27 04:29 AM

Yay!!  I actually get to spend some time on the pitch today..

by New Contributor LordBanana
‎2016-10-27 07:03 AM

"So I'm getting my balls out, does anyone want to play with my balls??"

by New Member Jazza92
‎2016-10-27 07:26 AM

"Wayne, the games about to start mate, what are you doing?" "Stuff yas, if i cant play, you cant either!" "Jose, Waynes lost it"

by New Member UnitedBoss123
‎2016-10-27 07:26 AM

Rooney needs to pick up his form and push the young players to play harder and better #GGMU❤️❤️

by Frequent Visitor Oh_No_Go_Joe
‎2016-10-27 08:32 AM

Well at least I won't be called Shrek from now on. Captain Ballbag , reporting for duty. 

by New Member Mildog
‎2016-10-27 08:36 AM

At least I'm off the bench.

by Occasional Contributor rishgoon
‎2016-10-27 09:14 AM

He wants me to be the new ball boy? No way Jose.

by Occasional Visitor Pete1384
‎2016-10-27 09:16 AM

Life. it's a full circle once an Everton ball boy now a Man U ball man

by New Member banga83
‎2016-10-27 09:47 AM

"Jose when I told you I wanted to put balls in the back of the net for you this is not really what I had in mind"

by Occasional Visitor Ankitliver
‎2016-10-27 10:22 AM

if I play with all the ball at the same time may my boss will choose me for playing11

by New Member aidos141
‎2016-10-27 10:49 AM

Rooney contemplates whether selling his skills for his hairline was worth it or not

by Visitor MrSummer14
‎2016-10-27 10:49 AM

"When you dont care about the job but need money for KFC"..

by Visitor MrSummer14
‎2016-10-27 10:49 AM

"When the ball boy's a FKW"..

by Visitor MrSummer14
‎2016-10-27 10:50 AM

"When the big kids invite you for a kick about becuase you say youre Wayne Rooney from Utd but really you Wayne Rooney from the Fish and Chip shop"..

by New Contributor Pallydou
‎2016-10-27 10:55 AM

"Finally I know this is the most suitable position for me in the team - ball boy ."

by Occasional Visitor Sli
‎2016-10-27 11:17 AM

"The best paid ball boy on the planet"

by New Member CorteztheKiller
‎2016-10-27 11:23 AM

Who'd have thought that being sacked actually involved a sack?

by Visitor BourkeyA
‎2016-10-27 11:30 AM

I may be the official Ball boy, net hanger and flag placer but, at least I'm not Schweinsteiger.

by Visitor Zyg
‎2016-10-27 11:30 AM

Maybe I can score with one of these? Maybe?

by Visitor Dom21
‎2016-10-27 12:10 PM

Maybe if I TAKE all their balls then NOBODY gets to play!

by Occasional Visitor ticse
‎2016-10-27 12:17 PM

"One, two, three, four. That's all I need. Four more goals and I'll be the greatest goal scorer Manchester United has ever known."

by Occasional Visitor jodieausten
‎2016-10-27 12:31 PM

Jose Mourinho: "Wayne! For every ball you get into the bag I'll give you a minute of game time!"

by New Member Vantageluva
‎2016-10-27 12:48 PM

Wayne rooney starts training before rest of team to be messi so maurinho can have a striker to be proud of.