Wiki Contest! Win a GoPro Camera or a Parrot Minidrone!

Posted by (Online Community Manager)
22nd Oct 2015, 11:07am



**This competition has now finished**


As we mentioned earlier this month, the community Wiki is here and to celebrate we’ve got a new competition for you to enter! My Optus Community is all about customers helping out other customers so to be in the running for either a GoPro Hero4 Session Waterproof Action Camera (1st Prize) or a Parrot Minidrone (2nd Prize), you’ll need to contribute to our Wiki!


You can contribute to the Wiki in one of two ways.


  1. Submit an article. You can do this from the Wiki homepage by clicking on the “SUBMIT AN ARTICLE” button on the right hand side.
  2. Modify an article. Provide additional information or suggest an edit to an existing article. To do this, simply navigate to the article via the Wiki homepage, click on the “MODIFY THIS ARTICLE” button towards the bottom and follow the prompts.

All Wiki contributions are checked and approved by the My Optus Community team prior to being published online. Only those submissions that make it through the approval process are eligible for this competition. We’ll be judging submissions on how useful, accurate, relevant and unique they are.


How will you know you’ve entered?


We’ll keep track of additions and edits from now until the cut-off date below. Everyone who makes an approved contribution to the Wiki will automatically be entered. It’s that easy!


The competition kicked off on Thursday 22 October 2015 and closes at 11:59pm AEDT on Wednesday 18 November 2015. Terms and conditions apply and they’re available here.  


If you have any questions please post a comment below and we’ll reply as soon as we can. We can’t wait to see your great Wiki contributions!


by Frequent Visitor borntoclone
‎2015-10-22 11:54 AM

you could at least make a windows mobile/phone section too, thanks.

by Contributor Dauntless2015
‎2015-10-22 12:17 PM

Stop spamming me with crap!!!!


Why do you send me an email to say there is a private message and make me log in to see what it is

Why not just put your crap in the body of the email.


I am fed up and am giving up on this forum if you keep spammming me

by New Contributor adnanhmunshi1
‎2015-10-22 12:25 PM

Kudos to Dauntless2015


I don't consider it as a private message. It is truly a spam!

by Occasional Contributor rambotrader
‎2015-10-22 12:29 PM

I totally agree.  I won't be opening the nexy one of these emails.

by Contributor peejaydubya
‎2015-10-22 12:42 PM

Thanks for the spam!!

by New Contributor Timbo
‎2015-10-22 12:56 PM

What a great opportunity to see who is willing to actually post replies that make the whole forum function more efficiently and effectively.  Judging by these responses, with the possible exception of "rambotrader", I don't see how a simple email notification can cause you to leave the forum so easily and with such attitude.  


Ok, so it wasn't really a pm - but as a self nominated tech guru type, why wouldn't you just notify a moderator to change the format of the notification, just like Dauntless2015 implied - put the info in the body of the email instead.  We're all human, we all make decisions and take actions that are mistakes for some and just fine for others.  If you want to flame in a forum, take it out of this one and put it somewhere else.


by Occasional Contributor T01770623
‎2015-10-22 01:19 PM

Ah Tambo, I fear you are simply too logical and polite for today's younger generations, in general it is al me, me, me and now, now, now and their language is always quite rude. A product of too much time online and not enough face to face where they learn to speak like civilised people. 


Optus, please do not make me log in to see a message which is not personal at all. Thanks.


Now, how hard wasn't that????

by Moderator Marie
‎2015-10-22 01:37 PM

Thanks for your feedback T01770623 happy to pass it on - Marie

by Contributor Dauntless2015
‎2015-10-22 02:09 PM

The problem is that this is the second time they have done this and my polite request last time to stop doing it was ignored.

Now they have disabled the "reply" option, so it is not possible to reply privately to their spam message

by Moderator Marie
‎2015-10-22 02:19 PM

Thanks Dauntless2015,


Have you clicked on your settings, email & ticked 'Don't want to receive Community emails'?


This should stop them for you.


Let me know how you go

by Contributor Dauntless2015
‎2015-10-22 02:22 PM

great, thanks for that, that should fix it

by New Contributor Timbo
‎2015-10-22 02:33 PM

So, the process is repeated - making sure to mention your previous contact about the same issue.  Getting more heated really does nothing positive for anyone, especially the one raging (not implying you were raging tho).  From the company perspective, the complainant is often earmarked as "aggressive" or a "caution when communicating" which can sometimes paint the person in a bad light.  So, simple responses, remind of prior responses for the same issue, and you'll generally get a favourable response sooner and more easily.


So I certainly know the frustration Dauntless which is why I thought I'd share my 20+ yrs worth of experience in this area with this post, as it seemed like a poor way to kick off a great mode of communication (with some great prizes I might add), between consumers and a big telco to provide crowd support.  I've also been on the Optus Technical Advisor forum since it came about too, time well spent in my opinion.  


Timbo out

by New Contributor Timbo
‎2015-10-22 02:34 PM

Woohoo, the collective has provided some crowd support within  Problem solvered.

by Frequent Visitor spiritchalice
‎2015-10-22 03:04 PM

Well done Timbo, a polite reply is all that's needed. This could lead on to being a great platform for customers and those willing to help out us less technically minded  Not everyone was born with a phone in their hand, some of us began learning about technology in our 50's! Looking forward to learning and sharing.


<Removed - inappropriate>. Your customer service is very bad and you couldnt even process my order or call me back. The lack of competition in Australia is appalling and thats the only reason you exist still!

by Trusted Contributor
‎2015-10-22 05:59 PM

Really sorry to hear you're having issues pching999. Please check out our terms of use and try to keep the language PG. If you needed a hand, please get in touch with us and we'll do everything we can to help you out.

by Frequent Visitor GeeAre
‎2015-10-23 01:20 PM

The problem today is that technology is faceless.  You can say/do whatever you like because it is not like you are talking to a human face to face.  I was taught to be polite, respectful, and be well mannered to others.  We have lost that with faceless technology.  So what if they didn't get it right the first time.  Does heated responses always have to be the second response.  Chill out people, the world is bad enough, why add to it.

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2015-10-23 02:50 PM

I blame myself for this as I forgot to crack a joke in my opening remarks. Smiley Very Happy

by New Contributor bgraham69
‎2015-10-23 02:53 PM

<p><span>I don't consider it as a private message. &nbsp;</span><a href="/t5/notes/privatenotespage/note-id/20418/notes-view-mode/single" target="_blank">Community Wiki Contest! Win a GoPro Camera or a Parrot Minidrone</a>.&nbsp;It is truly a spam!</p>
<p>If i receive one more spam email i will print it and shove it up North Ryde OPTUS employee's arse!!!</p>

by Esteemed Contributor
‎2015-10-23 03:07 PM

I think they got it the first time. Smiley Very Happy Copy and paste school for you my friend.

by Frequent Visitor nhoan
‎2015-10-24 06:06 PM

Thanks for the spam. You can make it a public message so that I can see it without logging in, or I can choose not to read it at all. 

by New Contributor ChopStiR
‎2015-10-26 06:14 PM

Posting this to see what my user name is, apparently I couldnt log in, yet I am logged in.
Also, +1 on the Fake PM. Thats bad form Optus.

by RetiredModerator Marcel
‎2015-10-26 07:05 PM

Hey ChopStir, your username is you email address. What PM are you referring to? 

by New Contributor dusky
‎2015-11-16 11:09 AM

I missed it


by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2015-11-16 12:01 PM

Actually dusky, the competition closes tomorrow 18th November 11.59pm AEDT. So have a whole day to get your entry in Smiley Happy

by Occasional Contributor simmomelb007
‎2015-11-24 09:16 AM

It is advertised today, 25th on November, yet the competition closed on 18th November????

by RetiredModerator Nghi
‎2015-11-24 10:52 AM

Apologies for the confusion simmomelb007 Smiley Sad I've passed along feedback to website team.