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What will Halloween be like in the future?

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The costumes, the candy and the copious amount of pumpkins on sale can only mean one thing: Halloween 2016 has descended upon us.


To celebrate this haunted holiday, we take a look at what our favourite Hallows Eve traditions might look like in the future.


Haunted house tours will go virtual


With sales of VR headsets expected to increase in the next few years, expect virtual reality experiences to hit the mainstream masses in the not-so-distant future - spooktacular news for haunted house fans. Unlike regular haunted houses, where fake-blood-spattered actors lurk behind every dark corner ready to jump out and terrify you, virtual reality haunted houses will be far scarier (whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your perspective); that’s because VR technology really gets inside your head and tricks your brain into believing everything you're seeing on the screen in front of you. You can’t follow the crowd or cling to your friends like you would in a regular haunted house. Although if you get too scared, remember that you can just close your eyes and it’ll all disappear.  


Trick-or-treating becomes trackable with GPS


Lost little vampires will hopefully be a thing of the past as GPS tracking will help parents keep an eye on trick-or-treating children. You can already use current location-sharing apps to map out specific routes and ‘geofence’ them so if a child strays off the agreed course, parents are notified with an alert on their phone.


We’ll 3D print our Halloween costumes


As 3D printers grow in popularity and become more affordable, more people will begin to print their Halloween costumes at home. You can already find free, 3D printable designs on the internet ranging from iconic Star Wars props and jovial Mr Potato Head masks right through to the more sinister Freddy Krueger glove. *Gulp*


We’ll use augmented reality to turn our homes into a ‘real-life’ horror movie


Augmented reality is a layer of fiction superimposed on top of the real world, like the creatures in the AR game Pokémon Go that appear to pop up in your everyday surroundings. In the future, we’ll be able to use AR technology to turn our homes into a real-life survival horror game on Halloween night. In fact, there are already apps that are capable of mapping out the entirety of your house and filling it with all manner of terrifying (albeit fictional) murderous monsters and malevolent spirits. What makes AR so exciting for Halloween is that it’s so believable – because the terrifying graphics are superimposed onto something familiar that you can actually see right in front of you, your brain literally thinks a blood-spattered zombie has just jumped out from behind your bedroom door.


So that's what we think Halloween will look like in the future but what about you? Tell us in the comments below. 👻