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What to watch: our staff picks

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I wish I had a dollar for every time a friend has asked “hey, have you seen <insert amazing TV series here>? It’s so good! Oh, you haven’t? You’ve GOT to see it!”


Shows like Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad have really raised the bar on TV viewing. I feel like these kinds of shows are works of art and we all talk about them like art critics! It’s all about the well-crafted script, inspired performances and stunning cinematography. Although I must say I watch Games of Thrones mostly for the unbelievable costumes and breathtaking sets and CGI.


With so much high quality content out there, it’s becoming more important to get our hands on it while it’s still the talk of the town. I love channelling my inner Margaret Pomeranz when my friends and I critique the latest series. We make guesses as to where the story is about to go and collectively despair over frustrating characters. I think dissecting amazing shows has become half the fun of watching them. It’s always good to get suggestions too. A friend will tell me about some new show they’ve come across and I leave the conversation with a promise to watch it as soon as I can so we can compare notes.


In the spirit of sharing recommendations, I asked some of the team here to tell me what they are watching at the moment on Netflix or Optus TV with Fetch.


Here’s what they said:


“When Narcos came out on Netflix it was immediately one of those shows that made me want to keep watching as each episode built upon the last. Narcos follows the traumatic rise and fall of Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) the Colombian drug kingpin that shook his country to the core. To watch this show you need to be paying attention as a lot of it is subtitled, but with an amazing cast and clever directing it is definitely one to keep an eye on.”


“I’m a bit behind the times when it comes to TV shows but I’ve recently started watching House of Cards, which is a Netflix original. When I say watching, I actually mean binging. Seriously way too difficult to convince myself not to watch the next episode when it’s well past my bed time. For some context, House of Cards is a TV series that follows Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey), a Democrat who in the beginning is the House Majority Whip before he’s overlooked for a promotion he assumed he had in the bag. Thus begins his plan to work his way to the top through any means possible.

I’m on season 3 after starting to watch Season 1 just over a week ago…”


“My favourite Netflix series so far has been ‘Sense8’. Sense8 is a series produced by the Wachowskis (Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas) that is not only beautifully filmed and a really original concept but also has a lot of well-known actors and crosses genres. I love anything the Wachowskis do.”


“I’m currently watching Bloodline as I’ve heard good things about it from friends. I’m up to episode 6 and am still very intrigued as to what the heck happened to Danny (one of the main characters) that the shows keeps teasing viewers with in each episode. Also, just finished ‘Narcos’… and *loved* it!!! Can’t wait for season 2 already!”


Netflix can be streamed through our Optus TV with Fetch service. If you haven’t already, make sure you check it out. You can get it with one of our great entertainment bundles.


Optus TV with Fetch helps you get more out of your TV. You can record shows, buy* or rent the latest movies, buy* popular TV shows, use Catch Up TV, access Netflix** and YouTube on your TV, watch select channels, movies and TV shows on your phone and tablet using the Optus TV with Fetch app. No more juggling multiple sources, devices and remotes – get all your entertainment in one place with one clever little set top box!


* Buying TV and Movie content provides you with a non-transferable right to use the content, provided you maintain your Optus TV with Fetch service. If you cancel your Optus TV with Fetch service you will lose any purchased content.

**On an Optus with Fetch TV 2nd Gen. set-top box (STB). A fee of $135 applies if you upgrade from a 1st Gen. STB to a 2nd Gen. STB.  Netflix subscription is required.  



Sense8 is awesome, pretty sure that quote was Dan_DS!




I'm hooked, and hanging out for season 2 🙂