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What is Optus Loop and how can it help your business?

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Online Community Manager
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Optus Loop is a central hub for businesses that allows you to take calls, share files, teleconference and more.


With Optus Loop, you can provide your customers with one number to call anyone in your business and you can pick the call up on your mobile, desk phone or even your laptop or PC. This technology means you will never miss a business opportunity, whether you’re at work, home or on the go.


Optus Loop makes collaboration between colleagues easier too. For example, if you’re working on a file in the office, with Optus Loop you can talk to a colleague out in the field or working from home and simultaneously share the file you’re discussing with them; there’s no need to navigate multiple systems.


Optus Loop also provides you with a simple web portal to give you complete oversight across all your communications.




Interested in finding out more? Here we’ve broken down the key features of Optus Loop:


Add your landline to your mobile

This technology is called ‘dual identity’ and it automatically adds your land line number to your mobile so you can seemingly be in two places at once.

Keep talking when you’re on the move

Call move lets you take important calls. You can answer a call at your desk phone then seamlessly transfer the call to your mobile if you need to move mid-conversation.

Keep track of call usage

Optus Loop web portals deliver greater visibility of overall call usage and help staff meet their KPIs.

Create customised hold messages with message on hold

Message on hold allows you to create personalised hold messages to keep your callers engaged rather than just hanging on the line.

Listen to voicemail via email

With voicemail to email you can listen to your message while catching up on your emails.

Automatically direct calls

The Optus Loop Auto Attendant is like a virtual receptionist who directs calls to the right person in your business for a more professional customer experience.

Manage incoming calls

Enable simultaneous ringing on all your devices to provide the best possible experience for customers.


So how can Optus Loop help your business?


Smaller businesses


Optus Loop gives smaller businesses a larger and more professional appearance thanks to its key features like dual identity, customised hold messages and call transfer capabilities. Optus Loop allows you to be fully mobile so you can continue to manage your business in a flexible and agile manner. The Optus Loop plans are also excellent value for money and you can customise them to suit your specific needs.


Medium – Large businesses


Medium to larger businesses can benefit from Optus Loop because it gives you complete control over your communications in one central place. The web portals, video and voice conferencing and call queuing features mean you can integrate communication and make it more efficient across all parts of the business. Plus because Optus Loop is a cloud based solution it removes the need to deploy and maintain on-site PBX and the costs associated with this. What’s more, you can tailor the Optus Loop plans depending on what capabilities you need, making them cost-efficient too.


If you think Optus Loop could benefit your business, head here to take a look at our Optus Loop plans today.