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What is Optus Business Care and how can it help my business?

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Optus Business Care is our dedicated help and support network for small and medium business customers. Whether you’re a team of one or 150, we can offer you access to 24/7 Live Chat, small and medium Business Specialists and an exclusive peer-to-peer forum in the Optus Business Care hub. We also provide fast-tracked, premium customer service support for eligible customers.


So, as a small and medium business customer you can enjoy the following benefits as part of the Optus Business Care service:


Premium Support


We’ve created some of the highest value plans on the market so you can find the best plan for your business and receive support to match. For example, if you choose a $125 My Plan Business service (min total cost over 24 months is $3000) or bundle eligible services, we offer a specialist technical and service customer support team.


24/7 Live Chat*


You don’t work 9-5 and neither do we. As a business customer, you’ll have access to 24/7 Live Chat service so you can get help online when you need it most. The Live Chat feature allows you to talk to dedicated web chat specialists who can help you with things like upgrading your plans and devices to understanding your bill and managing your account.


My Business Fast Lane


We offer fast-tracked support for eligible business customers so you can get back to business quicker. With My Business Fast Lane, you have access to a separate call queue for customer service enquiries, which means you can spend less time waiting and more time running your business.


Dedicated Business Specialists


As a small and medium business customer, you’ll have access to our team of business specialists online, over the phone or face-to-face in selected Optus stores and Business Centres. Our small and medium business specialists offer tips, expert advice and information on our products and services and what they can do for your business.


Ts & Cs


*Premium Support: Excludes Optus DSL, Mobile Broadband and Fleet mobile services. Available when you either bundle your mobile and consumer–grade broadband and office line service or when you sign up to a $125 My Plan Business plan (min over 24 months is $3,000) or when you have 3 or more eligible mobile and/or fixed services on the one account with an ABN or ACN. Enter your service number while calling. May take up to 15 days to apply. Available between 8am-7pm (AEST), Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm (AEST) on Saturday.  24/7 Live Chat: Not available to Optus DSL customers. Excludes technical support and Fleet mobile services. Available for customers with a valid ABN or ACN. My Business Fast Lane: Available to customers who sign up or recontract between one and two 24-month My Plan Business (excluding Tech Fund) mobile services from 6 June 2016 on one account with a valid ABN/ACN. You must enter your eligible mobile number to receive fast tracking in the phone queue when you call customer service on 133 937. Available between 8am-7pm (AEST), Monday to Friday and 9am-5pm (AEST) on Saturday. My Business Fast Lane is separate from Premium Support and excludes Fleet mobile services.

New Contributor mischa31
New Contributor

What a joke,  Have a look at account no *REMOVED PRIVATE INFO*. I have been a long standing business customer of Optus. I have spent over 4 hours on the phone between yesterday and today re the problem you have caused when you were re locating my business phone 100 metres down the road, You were told in no uncertain terms that we had that number for 31 years and our business survives on it. You decided to give us a new number. I have been passed from department to department and no one can help me get my number re-instated. I have lost two days now of business due to your inefficency  so therefore I will be seeking major compensation. Your staff are totally untrained and have no idea how to help customers. I suggest this problem gets sorted out immediately and someon contact me URGENTLY

RetiredModerator Toomey

Hey @mischa31, terribly sorry for the troubles you've had here. Please shoot me a private message with your account number, full name, business name, position in the business and billing address so I can take a look into this for you. I have edited your original comment to remove some personal information you posted in public. Please make sure you are only sending account information to a moderator via PM moving forward.

Occasional Visitor Lee88
Occasional Visitor

I don't understand why Optus service becomes worse and worse.

I took over a business. 

On 09/06/2017 I made a first call to Optus to have a package for NBN and lane line phone for my business, I advised them that I need to keep same phone number. Optus staff advised they give me new phone number at the mean time , then when I take the ownership of the phone number from the previous owner, they will change it for me. Then they made appointment for NBN installation on 22/6/2017. For running a businesss, do you think 13 days waiting is reasonable time to wait? I think Optus should have a Special team who can help business customers more efficiently.

on 22/6/2017 my NBN appointment is from 1-5pm, no one was turned up. At 6.10pm I gave Optus a call. They said the technician left a message that I re-schedule my appointment to other day. HOW DARE the technician do that to a customer while I had never received a phone call from them. It is totally unacceptable. They give me a phone number 1800687626 to complain about this matter, I did leave a message, no one contact me back until now. Then they make another appointment for me on 29/06/2017. Do you think Optus provide their service good enough when it is their people 's faults and our business has to wait for another 7 days? ( and we have to use the previous owner 's data)

Close to 29th Jun I rang Optus again to make sure someone will come and install NBN for me, another "good new" for me: they will charge me a cancellation fee if they give me a new phone number on 29th June and then they port my number from the previous owner 's company and update my phone number, which I had been told differently at the time I signed a contract.

Then I have to sign a brand new contract with a NBN appointment on 06th July. The technician came and installed NBN for more than 3 hours and he asked us to borrow some tools??? Who NBN technician Optus has contract with? Has Optus never thought about considering who are the well trained and trust contractors Optus should ask for their works to present Optus to provide a proper service to Your s business customers.

And yesterday 18/07 Optus NBN didn't work, I rang Optus twice, they couldn't do anything to help me, they said they will send someone to check on 20/07. Can you imagine how we can run a business without internet , therefore no Efpost? How we can run a business like that? We opened for 11.30 HOURS /day and we earned $130 ( everything I said I have prove and I also have a record most of Optus staff names and reference numbers, date and time). I also can show our bank statement to Optus to see how much we normally earn on Tuesday. How frustrated we are and how many of our customers are upset and will they come back to our shop? I had to organise the another urgent Efpost machine with 3G install today 19/7 to run my business. I would like Optus Business Care to give me a call regarding this matter and I want to speak to someone who can do things for us, not just simply say sorry and can't do anything about it as usually I heard all the time when I give them a call. 

Another thing I want to mention about most of Optus staffs on phone I had been talked to, they had never transferred the phone to their supervisor when I requested to talk to them. I am upset with the way they talked around and around and handled customer 's concerns. 

Hope to receive a call from Optus soon.

Occasional Visitor DisgruntledGoat
Occasional Visitor

Optus Business Customer Care - Part 1


Hi, you are now chatting with Antonio.


You • 02:48 AM

Hey Antonio, how are you today?


Antonio • 02:48 AM

Hi there! Welcome to Optus LiveChat. You have reached Antonio from mobile billing team.How may I assist you today?


Antonio • 02:48 AM

I am fine thank you  Smiley Happy 


Antonio • 02:49 AM

How are you  


You • 02:49 AM

Yeah, goo, cheers.I was wondering whether I could arrange for a replacement sim to be shipped out for my mobile.


Antonio • 02:50 AM

Yes  you can 
You just have to get a new sim card and we will replace the number in  your new  sim 


Antonio • 02:50 AM

And you will stlll have the same plan and number  


Antonio • 02:51 AM

May I know if you have a new sm card with you now  ? 


You • 02:52 AM

Unfortunately not, I'm currently overseas, and cannot pick one up. While I'm here, it doesn't matter, but when I get back I'll need it as it's for my business mobile. Is it possible to have a replacement sent to my registered address?


Antonio • 02:54 AM

Yes you can as your friend to activate the number and then post it to your address  


You • 02:55 AM

Oh, that's dissappointing. Well, what information do I need from the sim card to have it activated under my current business plan? Also, will any optus sim do?


Antonio • 02:56 AM

Well in the case you can just as your friend to send the empty sim cards 

and we can replace the service online   


You • 02:57 AM

Sorry, I didn't quite get that, can you reiterate?


Antonio • 02:59 AM

You can just ask your friend to   purchase a new sim card and post it to  you 


Antonio • 02:59 AM

And we can help you activate one online  


You • 02:59 AM

Okay, so any optus sim will do?


Antonio • 03:00 AM

May I know if your current service is prepaid  or post paid service  ? 


You • 03:01 AM

It's a post paid business plan


Antonio • 03:02 AM

Then you can get the post paid replace sim cards  


You • 03:03 AM

I know shops like coles, woolworths, etc, sell pre-paid sim cards. Would I need someone to go into an optus store to get a replacement post-paid sim card?


Occasional Visitor DisgruntledGoat
Occasional Visitor

Optus Business Care Part 2


Antonio • 03:04 AM

Well we can not replace the number with the coles sim card as they are different service provider  


You • 03:04 AM

Sure, cheers. Just one quick question regarding my plan. Other than lower data quotas and a higher price, what is the difference between a business plan and a personal plan? I just want to know what I'm paying extra for, other than less data.


Antonio • 03:06 AM

You know there will be a difference between business plan  and personal personal plan 

In business data will be used more and on personal account there will be less usage  


You • 03:06 AM

That doesn't make sense from my perspective.


Antonio • 03:06 AM

THe plan rates will be different depending on your usage 


You • 03:06 AM

So, the only difference is I get billed more.


Antonio • 03:07 AM

Okay can I send you the link 


Antonio • 03:07 AM

FOr Explain the difference  


You • 03:07 AM

Despite the horrible coverage, is there not meant to be some connectivity and quality assurance, to avoid having to go into optus shops?


You • 03:08 AM

I would have thought my extra fees would cover some form of customer service?


Antonio • 03:09 AM

Not at all there is no charges for the customer service. 


Antonio • 03:09 AM

You are only charged for the plan  


Antonio • 03:09 AM

There will be no extra charges  


You • 03:09 AM

Because it is apparently the same customer service for a business plan?


You • 03:09 AM

With less data available

Occasional Visitor DisgruntledGoat
Occasional Visitor

Optus Business Care part 3/3


You • 03:10 AM

I think I may have to look at a different provider then. This is probably the perfect time while I'm away. Thank you for confirming this.


Antonio • 03:11 AM


Antonio • 03:11 AM  
1st one is for personal 
2nd one is for For business 


You • 03:12 AM

Thank you, but my different provider will not be optus, it will be a different provider, as optus is not delivering the service i have been sold.


Antonio • 03:13 AM

May I know if you are willing to have credit for the service  ? 


You • 03:14 AM

Sorry, I'm unsure of what you mean by 'credit for the service'.


Antonio • 03:15 AM

Nothing I am sorry if I was not the fullest  


Antonio • 03:15 AM

would there be anything else that I can help you with ?


You • 03:16 AM

Okay then. I really don't think there is anything you can help me with today. Cheers.


Antonio • 03:16 AM

We need the sim card to replace the number  


You • 03:16 AM

I won't be replacing the number with optus. Thank you.


Antonio • 03:17 AM



Antonio • 03:17 AM

May I know the reason for your frustration  Smiley Sad 


You • 03:17 AM



You • 03:18 AM

I don't know how may chat sessions you are currently tending to, but it should be very clear


Antonio • 03:19 AM

I understand that's the reason I gave you the frank answer



Cheers Optus for providing such GREAT service!~~

RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Hi @Lee88, I'm very sorry to hear about this experience. Smiley Sad Since posting here, have you been in touch with the Premium Support team and have these issues been resolved?

RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Hey @DisgruntledGoat, it looks like we've missed the mark there. Smiley Sad Can you please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and mobile number so that we can pass on feedback to our Live Chat team? In terms of replacing your SIM card while you're overseas, we're unable to send the SIM to an international address but we can send it to a family member/friend in Australia and they could then forward it on to you.

Occasional Visitor DisgruntledGoat
Occasional Visitor

Hey Hannah-L,


That's all I was asking for, just a new sim to my registered address so it's there when I got back.  But now I'm back in Australia, I've emailed my account manager (M*** B***s) who signed me up with my feedback and it bounced.   I didn't really expect much, because last time I raised an issue with him, he ignored me and tried to get me to on-sell the service for him - more great business support.


So I emailed the business shop he was at (East Brisbane), and have had no reply.  So, I'm signing up with another provider now.  I'll also send you that PM.



RetiredModerator JordanOptus

Apologies for the overall poor experience there @DisgruntledGoat Smiley Sad I'll gladly pass on some feedback about this.

Visitor 4U

I have been on the phone for hours with optus for business. They hung up on me. They passed me to Samsung who offered me a $50 voucher.I had 4 go's at talking to someone tonight.  New phone has a known fault. They want to take the phone and leave me with nothing. I'm a business and have no land line. If I don't answer my phone for even a few days I dont earn anything. Its not a month old. Happy to take it into an optus shop and they can verify it has no sctratches or damage other than the fault. But no I have to upload my phone information hope that all that info goes back to another phone that I won't even know when I will get. Im a business. I need a phone. 

New Contributor Helloo
New Contributor

24/7 business support yet they make it impossible to find the phone number... and when you find a phone number you get a bot with 50 options all eventually leading you around in a big circle or to find the answer online.

New Member zpm
New Member

Yeah this is all false advertising. The marketing team obviously a) doesn't know how customers are being affected negatively by Optus' poor service standards, or b) they're playing spin doctor. Stop hiring people who have no interest in customer service (or being honest).