We're changing the way Optus bills look

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19th May 2017, 2:52pm

Last edited 03/12/2018*


After hearing feedback from our customers, we’re updating the way your mobile bill looks, to make it clearer to view and easier to understand.


Importantly you need to know:

  • You have a new account number which is now 11 digits long

  • There is a new BPAY Biller code (if you chose this payment method)

  • GST is now included for each item taxable item on your bill, rather than being listed as a separate amount. There is a GST summary on page 1 of the bill.


If you pay your bill via the following payment methods:

  • Online (via credit/debit card)
  • Through My Account (via credit/debit card)
  • Over the phone
  • In person at Australia Post (via cash, EFTPOS, cheque, money order or credit card)

You will not need to update your payment details with your new account number. Our system will automatically re-route your payment to your new account number. For more detail please go to


This is an example of the new email you'll receive that contains your bill:


Your optus bill sample.jpg


This is an example of what the new bill will look like:



Please be aware that if you currently have more than one product with Optus (for example if you have multiple Optus mobile services, broadband or Yes TV by Fetch), your email bill may continue to look the same as it does now.


If you have concerns that you have received an Optus branded email that looks suspicious, please forward it to and delete it immediately. If you have concerns about any suspicious emails, the My Optus App is the most secure way to verify your Optus bill. 


If you have any questions about the new look of your Optus mobile bill you can chat to an expert here or just ask the Crowd below.


by Frequent Contributor
‎2017-05-24 01:15 PM

That new format is awful and very unprofessional.


by RetiredModerator Gen_R

Hey @tbz sorry to hear you feel this way, we've been working very hard on the new format but feedback is appreciated. The initial post is what the email notification will look like  for those who have email billing set up and the second is what the invoices will look like in the new format.

If you're needing a hand with anything of have any feedback you'd like me to pass on please let us know.

by Frequent Contributor
‎2017-05-31 08:32 AM

That is not clear and makes more sense.  Thanks for the clarification.

by Occasional Visitor Lozz31
‎2017-09-06 03:32 PM

Looks bad and unprofessional! Why change something that doesn't need changing it was fine the way it was! 

by Occasional Visitor Bman2
‎2017-09-06 04:25 PM

I'm ok with the new bill, but what's with the messed up data usage lists now?  You have to click drop down for every type of service and another drop down for each day of the cycle rather than just see a list like before.  It's a very backward step Optus, simple not user friendly.... 

by Occasional Visitor Lharry257
‎2017-09-07 05:25 PM

Looks good guys! Alot clearer then the old one! 

Your bills don't need to look good they just have to convey the information and this dose exactly that! And this is coming from a graphic designer....

by Occasional Visitor Mehe2806
‎2017-09-07 09:03 PM

I do not like this idea at all . So everytime I want to see what I am being billed for I need to log into my account and the other stuffing around and I do not care if it came from a graphic designer or not . And why do you need to change our account numbers ?? After my contract is up in April I will just close my account and increase  my plan on my telstra account 

by New Member Saibi
‎2017-09-07 10:14 PM

Its Awful... Earlier version was better Smiley Wink

by New Member 3Ya
‎2017-09-24 11:53 AM

It is the most Awful change I have ever seen! Why do you change our account numbers? Absolutely waste our Time!!!

by RetiredModerator JordanOptus
‎2017-09-25 01:12 PM

Any feedback about the new bill layout is taken into consideration as we definitely want to make sure it's easy for everyone. In regards to the account number changing, we've introduced a new billing system and we're moving customers over to it - Part of the process involves a new account number being generated as it's a different accounting system. 

by New Member knights1
‎2017-10-05 12:35 PM

why change something that customers like. Went to pay online but your new BSB number was not recognised by 2 credit cards which belong to major banks. I have just spent 35minutes checking to see if your new system may have been a scam

by Moderator Casey_
‎2017-10-07 07:12 PM

So sorry about the confusion @knights1. We're always trying to make things more simplified for our customers and are working on a few changes to make reading you bills simple and easy to understand. Sorry for any hassle caused.

by New Member OkieDokie
‎2017-10-13 07:57 AM

will my old payment details still work as I have many accounts already set up for automatic monthly bank transfer and they seem to have been working fine 


by RetiredModerator Steph_C
‎2017-10-14 01:58 PM

Hey @OkieDokie! To clarify - is this a direct debit payment set up through us? This will still carry over.

by Occasional Visitor Auspom
‎2017-12-10 02:18 PM

Pity this message wasn’t sent out before my bill. Would have cause a lot less angst.

Also, old way was better

by Occasional Visitor Chilly
‎2017-12-10 03:03 PM

Why change???   It worked and we understood it.  Rather than spending time and money on how a bill looks how about concentrating on your lack of customer service, your 30 minuite + wait times for calls, lank of responses on chat and traing your staff to give consistent answers from one call to another

by Visitor JezDP
‎2017-12-10 03:16 PM

Have now lost ability to pay multi-bills in one credit card do I get the multi-bill payment back?


by New Member Ash89
‎2017-12-10 05:00 PM

So when did/does the acc no. Change? I've just been paying it with the same BPAY. No issues yet. Some clarification would be nice. 

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-12-10 05:12 PM

Hey @JezDP, I'm not sure what you mean. Is this a BPAY feature?

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2017-12-10 05:14 PM

Hey @Ash89, you'll receive an email introducing you to your new account number and bill layout when your service has been migrated to the new system.

by Occasional Contributor Kintiq
‎2018-01-24 10:45 AM

I wonder is that the current invoice in use ? It looks like the post from Optus is dated May 2017 and I have received it today the 25 Jan 18 !!!

by New Member Smiley-154
‎2018-01-24 10:59 AM

I think it looks great 👍 it tell me how much I owe, when I have to have paid by and really that’s all I need to know.. as for my usage I can check that anytime on “my Optus App”... great job guys.. 😊

by New Contributor Azy222
‎2018-01-24 11:34 AM

How about adding a gigabyte breakdown before even touching the interface! 


I get free Spotify bu I get told 80% of my data is on Spotify. Useless information to me. I want to know how many gigs !! 

by New Member MelissaSyd
‎2018-01-24 12:33 PM

I also just got an email with this page linked today. But post is over 6 months old. Pretty sure my bill already looks like this.

by New Member MelissaSyd
‎2018-01-24 12:35 PM

Sorry received via txt msg not an email 

by Occasional Visitor Emdi
‎2018-01-24 05:29 PM

I don't mind seeing a separate amount for tax. I have had some issues with this component before now when I've received a bill for more than I expected. Now Optus can add what they want without any breakdown for us to see or query the amount. I can't see the point in changing account number either. This 'so called' improvement in a backward step, being more graphically appealing doesn't make it more user friendly. 

by Occasional Visitor ahkl77
‎2018-01-24 06:35 PM

While I commend the simpler layout with bigger font for text, I do question the use of more than 3 colours in the graphical presentation. Keeping the colour palette to just teal (Optus corporate colour), black and a pastel yellow would suffice in reinforcing the clarity of the information on the bill and avoid neutralising the graphical simplicity with too many colours.

by Frequent Visitor Sassyblu26
‎2018-01-25 08:04 AM

Why do we have to have a new account number? Does this mean i have to resetup my direct debit?

by Moderator Shauna
‎2018-01-25 10:34 AM

Hey @Sassyblu26 - you won't need to re-set up your direct debit. This rolls over automatically.

by Occasional Visitor DoubleR
‎2018-01-25 10:40 AM

Shame you didn't send this out earlier. I spent 40 minutes with your call centre confirming that I had a new account number and where had my credit card details had gone too. Still cannot explain that. Not very happy with change without earlier notification. Cannot see the need for change.

by New Member chook1961
‎2018-01-27 02:54 PM

Totally agree. Why stuff  up something that was clear to read and understand. When my mobile and mobile internet plans run out I am definitely heading over to telstra. 

by Occasional Contributor lacho252
‎2018-08-02 09:41 PM

I only just got this message today, but I see this was posted last year in September?

by RetiredModerator Tano
‎2018-08-03 09:31 AM

Hey @lacho252, it's been a roll-out for customers as opposed to changing everyone over at the same time Smiley Happy

by Occasional Visitor domas2000
‎2018-08-10 10:09 PM

Oh and I see you’ve managed to increase everyone’s bill with this “new look “ ! Well done Optus what an absolute joke keep it up 

by New Member Jeevis
‎2018-08-13 09:55 AM

why no pdf of the bill attached?? logging into my account to retreive, download and save to my computer is a complete pain in the butt.  Simply SEND US the PDF....can't be have been doing it for the past 5 years!

by New Contributor Derek99
‎2018-10-29 11:55 AM



* Timing of notification email and first bill was terrible. The notification email regarding the billing changes arrived at 2:53pm. The first bill arrived at 8:04pm. This kind of "false urgency" is a hallmark of a scam. Given that I am billed monthly, the notification email should have been sent a couple of weeks ago.


* Layout is OK but I had difficulty spotting the due date. My eye was drawn to the larger "Total Amount Due" (about half way down the first page) but the due date is not there. Given that you are repeating the "Total Amount Due" please also repeat the due date directly under the second copy of the amount due. For the second copy of the due date: I suggest NOT reversed out and I suggest in the same font and point size as the second "Total Amount Due" and I suggest in the background colour that is used for Total Amount Due.

As long as everything seems normal it is really only the amount and the due date that I am going to look at.

* For some reason my bill has gone up by 1c. I'm not going to complain about 1c but it looks strange and does not seem to be explained.

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-10-30 08:31 PM

@Derk99, I've sent you a private message.

I just wanted a bit more info on the feedback you've posted here Smiley Happy 

by New Member Wayne24
‎2018-11-15 02:37 PM

Highly recommend we that you don’t use a sample template off of Excel

by Visitor baddeb
‎2018-11-16 07:22 PM
I received an email from Optus about this new format today - 16/11/2018. I click on the link, it takes me to this page...Why is this post dated 2017 - 18 months ago??? I'm confused...
by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-16 07:33 PM

Hi @baddeb


It may have been posted 18 months ago, but it's been updated since.


We've been slowly migrating different product types to our new system. This has taken place over course of the last 2 years, with more services to come. 



by New Member Customer456
‎2018-11-21 11:22 AM

Yes and by changing this you change the amoutn too. My bill has gone up 1cent. and this does not seem to be explained. Unprofessionel.

Or lets say it this way...With this "New Look" you will earn a lot of money.

When you do this to everyone, wow, that is a huge amount


by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-11-21 05:05 PM



I've seen this come up in the past.

I'm not sure why it's happening. 


You're not charged any excess fees if the amount owing is less than $50.00. If you were to simply leave the balance at 1 cent, you'd be fine to do so. 


Happy to get some clarification on why this is occurring. 


by Frequent Contributor
‎2018-11-21 05:10 PM

It's a regular thing my monthly bill increased by 1c when the new billing came in as well.


But in all honesty I think I was being under charged 1c prior to the new billing.

by Occasional Visitor DNV
‎2018-12-04 07:44 PM
When will this take effect. I.E. When will have to change my scheduled bpay payment to the new biller code??
by Occasional Visitor Jazziin
‎2018-12-04 09:22 AM

Have to agree looks unprofessional elementary for sure for a 20 something company and what about contracts will they be updated with the new account details did you really research did you even do test research well very disappointing for a company that resides in Singapore which is quite high technologically so sad the standards of the government these days truth is they don’t care not even accc fair trading what a joke I’ve vented enough.....

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-12-04 02:33 PM

The service migration has already begun @DNV. It started around the same time this communication was published. 
You should receive an email advising that there's been a change. 


If by mistake, you BPAY using your old account reference/BPAY Ref number - the funds will be transferred into the correct account within 48 hours. 

If you have any other questions or concerns, please shout out. We’re always happy to help out. 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-12-04 02:37 PM



The format was changed in response to customer feedback.

We're in the process of migrating all Optus services into the one billing/service platform. 


The only thing that should change from the customers end is the account number and BPAY reference number.

As a result of the migration, we’re hoping to introduce more self-serve functionality for all Optus products and services. 

by Occasional Visitor DNV
‎2018-12-04 02:46 PM
OK - but on the email I received there was no details of the updated biller codes etc so how will I know what to change my scheduled payment to Thanks
by Visitor Andrew8692
‎2018-12-11 01:27 PM

I've got home phone/internet and 2 prepaid services with Optus. I've been told an update to the billing system means I can't have the prepaid and the home services accessed with the same My Account log in. I needed to give a different email address for the prepaid services. Now I can't check all my Optus services at the same time. I need to log out and back in as a different user. Way to reward loyalty. I'm gone.

by New Member Debberg
‎2018-12-12 04:34 PM

Are we able to pay multiple bills at one log in? I struggled to find this option when I logged in to pay a bill.

by Occasional Contributor SG-3
‎2019-03-26 03:06 PM

Up until my last bill, Google auto-detected that the email contained a bill, and would automatically give me a reminder notification a day before it was due. It was very handy, and rightly or wrongly I relied on it to ensure I had sufficient funds in the designated direct debit account. The most recent bill however, which is also the first I've received since the new layout change, failed to kick Google into producing a reminder, which went unnoticed until I thought, "it's been a while" and checked - the day after it was due, and without sufficient funds on that day in that account! I immediately topped up the account, and was relieved when I'm assuming a second Direct Debit attempt occurred and didn't (even though it would have been my own silly fault) appear to be penalized. So thanks for that.
I can only assume that the new layout caused the bill not to be recognised by the usually-reliable Google wizardry, and that I wouldn't be the only one affected- is there anything you can do at your end to get your new bills recognised, as all my other services are?

by New Member djh_op_tus
‎2019-04-11 03:49 PM

" The intial post is what the invoices will look like in the new format and the second is what the email notification will look like for those who have email billing set up."


The invoice I got had the email format first and the invoice second.


Also the new account number and the biller reference matched.


It's truly silly to land this on customers without prior warning.


I instantly suspected a phishing scam.