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Ways to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ on Optus Sport

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Football fans, it’s time to rejoice! The world’s biggest sporting event is coming to Optus Sport, the home of elite football in Australia.


That’s right, all 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ in Russia will be available to watch live and on-demand, only on Optus Sport. The FIFA World Cup™ is the single most-widely watched sporting event in the world, with the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ reaching 3.2 billion viewers and the final between Germany and Brazil watched by more than a billion fans around the world.


So, whether you want to catch the Socceroos action on your morning commute or enjoy the grand final at home on the big screen, there are plenty of ways to watch this year’s tournament.


Ways to watch




You can take the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ action with you on your phone, iPad or tablet by downloading the Optus Sport App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and stream on-the-go.






It’s super easy to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ on your laptop or computer via the Optus Sport online player. Just head to the Optus Sport website, log in with your Optus Sport credentials and start streaming. It’s worth mentioning too that if you’d prefer to watch a game on the big screen, you can also connect your laptop or computer to your TV using an HDMI cable.






Watch Mo Salah, Ronaldo and Messi in action on your TV at home via your Fetch set-top box from Optus. If you have an Optus Sport Premium Subscription, the Optus Sport channels will be available to find through your TV guide. Not got Fetch yet? Find out more about how to get it here.


Apple TV


You can stream all 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ straight from Generation 4 Apple TV devices via the Optus Sport App or any Apple device via AirPlay.


If you have a Generation 4 Apple TV device, all you need to do is download the Optus Sport App from the Apple App Store and log in using your Optus Sport credentials:




If you’re using AirPlay to stream the games, open the Optus Sport App or head to the Optus Sport website on your device, log in, then follow Apple’s instructions here.


Google Chromecast


Streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ via Google Chromecast couldn’t be simpler. Once you’ve set up your device correctly (follow Google’s instructions here if you’re stuck), open the Optus Sport App on your mobile or tablet and you’ll see a new CAST icon will appear. Tap the CAST icon to stream the action via your Chromecast. The CAST icon will change colour and the stream will start to play on your TV. There’s a pretty cool feature on Chromecast that lets you use your mobile like a remote to pause and resume your stream.


If you’re using Google Chromecast to stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, please remember that it will use your home Wi-Fi connection for all data consumed. If you are not using an Optus Home Broadband service, streaming all content on Optus Sport will be metered as it is not streamed from the mobile device.


Via HDMI cable plugged into your laptop or computer


Log in to the Optus Sport website on your laptop or computer then plug your device into your TV using an HDMI cable. Then just click play on the match or video you want to stream and start watching on your TV.




If you have an XBOX One (XBOX One S and XBOX One X models), you can watch all the action from the 2018 FIFA World CupTM on your TV via your device. Just download the Optus Sport App from the Microsoft store on your XBOX and log in using your Optus Sport credentials to start watching. 


Amazon FireTV Devices


You can also watch Optus Sport  on your TV via Amazon FireTV devices (you can buy these directly from Amazon).


Get an Optus Sport Premium Subscription


Don’t forget, you need an Optus Sport Premium Subscription to get access to all 64 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches. You can find out more about how to get a Premium Subscription below, just click the option that relates to you:


I currently have a plan with Optus


If you have an eligible plan or service, you can get full access to Optus Sport at no extra cost (if it’s available as an add on for your plan) or you can add it for $15/month. You can check whether your plan or service is eligible for Optus Sport here. If you find your plan is not eligible, don’t worry, you can still get a Premium Subscription. Just read the section below on how to do this. 


I’m not an Optus customer or have not previously been eligible for Optus Sport


If you’re not an Optus customer (i.e. you’re with Telstra, Vodafone or another provider) or were previously not eligible for Optus Sport (i.e. you were an Optus Prepaid, Optus Business customer or had an ineligible Optus broadband plan) you can now get an Optus Sport Premium Subscription for $14.99/month. You can purchase a Premium Subscription through the Optus Sport App, available to download from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


You’re free to cancel your subscription at any time and you can do so via Google Play or the App Store. Please note: your subscription will continue until the end of your current 30-day billing period.



Optus Sport


Personal viewing in Australia. Data charges apply, see FAQs for details. Subscription, compatible device and Australian App store account required. Find out more at


New Contributor glomerulus
New Contributor

If I stream matches from Optus to my TV using Apple TV, will I be able to record them for later viewing?

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

@glomerulus, I've replied back with a bit more info on thread →


You're welcome to chat with us there. 

New Member pabz1
New Member

On the Android app I get the option of watching a match live or starting over so that I can watch the stream from the very start of the game.

Is there a way to do the same on the website? It will only allow me to watch live, not to start the stream over.

Occasional Contributor Silverback
Occasional Contributor
Any plans to fix your streaming sports app at some stage in the next 4 weeks? Had the dubious pleasure of using it through Apple 4k TV for the first time last night to watch Eg Vs Ur and it was frankly terrible. Dropouts galore, looped the 20-30 minutes of the first half twice when I closed it down and restarted and then it jumped from 30 to 40 minutes. Gave up on it at half time. Terrible experience. And no I don't want to watch this on my PC as per your suggestion on your facebook page. My comfy couch is where I want to watch the World Cup from. I thought Foxtel Go had the worst app for TV viewing. Sadly I was wrong.
New Member Foti_K
New Member

Yeah not impressed with the streaming quality of Optus Sport, too much horizontal flickering.

Also and more importantly why isn't there an Optus Sport App available on Samsung Smart TVs so that it would make it so much easier to access and watch Optus Sport. This is beyond ridiculous in 2018.

Occasional Visitor idac
Occasional Visitor

A phone is required to upgrade to premium service correct? I only want desktop access. I don't have a phone that supports the app - can I use a friends?

New Contributor OPTUSJOKE
New Contributor
Will you fix the wc streaming issues before the end of the wc and then apologies to the nation for making us the laughing stock of the world? Please do not purchase any future viewing rights again. Leave it to those that know what they’re doing.
Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

Correct . Give all football back to Fox, where you can just turn on tv and watch it. As opposed to wasting hours and getting no coverage.  This is rubbish. 

New Contributor Eileenz
New Contributor

My world cup has been ruined by Optus. So far, not able to watch any live match. very bad

New Member DisgustedCustom
New Member

Aboslutely Disgusting by Optus, 3 night running with poor streaming and quality .

I will be asking for my money back. Any thoughts of ever switching to Optus in the future for any of their serivices had disintregrated to zero. Tonight ( Sunday ) is particularly bad.

The ACC should investigate and demand that Optus refund all their customers.

Their should be a class action. You shouldn't be allowed to advertise and sell something you can't deliver.

Shame on you Optus. 

Hopeless like most big corporate companies these days

New Contributor Arrcee
New Contributor

I want my frigging money back. This is fraud!  @$$holes.

Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

Optus CEO said it would be fixed by Sun night - it is worse.  I rang Optus and after 90 mins on hold was told they would be trying to resolve it in the coming days (yeah right!).  We should all get our  money back and they should award SBS the rest of the tournament

New Contributor Didgeridea
New Contributor

My way of watching the World Cup using Optus Sport has mostly involved switching over to the SBS On Demand app to watch the games, where I have no problems whatsoever.


Germany vs Mexico was the first time so far this tournament was the first time this World Cup I actually managed to see some action using Optus Sport. It crapped out twice and paused to buffer about five times, sadly that actually counts as progress. I’m very nervous about the Optus exclusive games that I want to see. Presumably there will be extra traffic for those games and Optus can’t even handle current traffic when people can switch to SBS if they need to.

Occasional Contributor Silverback
Occasional Contributor Optus offering free Fetch Mini (if your lucky enough to find a store with any left) to peoples with problems. I've an old Fetch box in one of my kids rooms and can confirm it works much better than the streaming app/website - which isn't exactly setting the bar high hey?! 🙂 Nice gesture Optus - props to at least making an effort to provide an alternative.
Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

If your internet good enough to handle it - mine isn't.   PM now making personal call to Optus CEO to sort it!

Occasional Contributor Silverback
Occasional Contributor
Dang, if Malcolm's getting involved then there's every chance this will be fixed at some stage before the next World Cup then. 😉
Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

Good on him, someone had to do something.  Let's face it though, who wants to watch the WC on a phone?   This (and EPL) needs to be on TV - an online platform will never work for these numbers anyway, and if you have a group of friends watching, what use is a phone???

Occasional Contributor Silverback
Occasional Contributor
Yup agree with not watching it on the phone (way to small a screen no matter what the pixel density) although I am forced to admit I did try it on the I-Phone last night to see if I could get any connection at all to the TV app there seeing as both the website stream and the Apple TV stream were not working - land of nope. Folks are suggesting to try the SBS app or FIFA app where you can apparently utilise Optus login details. Will try it later.
Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

It is better via SBS ap, but is still on phone!   I then tried chromecast, and go the same old blurry vision and stop/starts

Occasional Contributor kkkenobi
Occasional Contributor

Blame game on now about who cut what and why - but that is beside the point, Optus have the contract and should deliver - if they can't they should admit it and hand it over.  Same goes for EPL, it should go back to Fox - needs to be on TV.

Occasional Contributor charliet100
Occasional Contributor

Bit of a temporary solution but Optus is simulcasting all the games over the next 48 hours with SBS. So you can watch all the matches for the next 2 days live/on-demand on SBS. Hopefully issues will be fixed on Optus Sport after that.

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Hey guys, I'm sure you're aware of the recent announcement we've made. I just wanted to make a few points clear:


If you've purchased an Optus Sport subscription for the World Cup, you will be provided with a refund.

We'll be organising refunds over the next coming weeks. There is no need to contact us to request your refund. 


Optus Sport will be free for all Australians until the 31/08/18. 

For those who are receiving a payment prompt - We're working on changing the billing in the app stores which will take some time. In the meantime, if you did want to access the great content we have on offer through Optus Sport, you're welcome to sign up and we'll issue you a refund over the next coming weeks.


You can check out our media release here →


New Contributor BuckBond
New Contributor

It would be a good idea to extended the running time of on demand matches. Both games today (France/Agentina and Uruguay/Portugal) would have had fantastically exciting climaxes. However, on demand they didn't as I knew the match wasn't gong into extra time as the show was about to end! Anyone agree! Cheers