Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ on Optus Sport

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1st May 2018, 10:52am

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For the first time ever, the Optus Sport Premium subscription will soon be available to non-Optus customers as well as Optus customers who were previously not eligible, for just $14.99 per month. We hope this will give all Aussie football fans the opportunity to experience everything that Optus Sport has to offer and cement our place as the home of elite football in Australia.

Everyone who takes up a Premium subscription will be able to access all of Optus Sport’s 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage, including our two 24/7 football channels, all 64 matches live and on-demand plus our array of dedicated programming from Russia and our studio in Australia.

Premium Optus Sport subscribers will also be able to enjoy live shows every matchday with pre-game programmes, full match coverage and daily highlights produced by our in-house Optus Sport team.

Some exciting matches to watch out for during the 2018 FIFA World Cup  include: 

  • Egypt v Uruguay on 15 June at 10pm AEST where super striker and Premier League Golden Boot winner Mo Salah will be in action

  • All three of Argentina’s group matches (Iceland on 16 June, Croatia on 23 June and Nigeria on 28 June) where one of the world's greatest ever footballers, Lionel Messi, will undoubtedly create some magic on the pitch

  • Brazil’s first game against Switzerland on 18 June which promises to be one of the key matches in the group stages  

  • The Socceroos two Group C rivals Peru and Denmark playing each other on 17 June


And don't worry, eligible Optus customers who already have a Premium subscription will continue to enjoy access to all the incredible action on Optus Sport mentioned above.


For more information on Optus Sport including our coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, head here or read the official media release from Optus.

by New Contributor Newm1
‎2018-05-20 08:12 PM

Will you be showing it in 4k? Its being shot in 4k.

by RetiredModerator Tano
‎2018-05-20 08:53 PM

Hey @Newm1, I've responded here.

by Occasional Visitor Pat77
‎2018-05-25 11:56 AM

Hello Optus,


Am I okay to organise a private screening for a World Cup game at a local cinema?


by New Member danmccaff
‎2018-05-25 12:11 PM

I am going to be in Russia for the world cup, will I be able to use the app to stream games over there? I'd like to do this if I can so I can watch with English commentary.



by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-05-26 01:58 AM

@Pat77, this is mentioned in our T's and C's of usage:


9) ​​​​​Additional conditions, limitations and exclusions


9.1 section e) 

Your Premier League Service subscription is for your own personal and non-commercial use and is not to be resold or used for any commercial or business purpose or displayed for public viewing in your premises or place of business and you must not share or otherwise distribute any of the Premier League Content to any third party without our prior written consent.


That's all I can really say. 


@danmccaff, I'm afraid not. The Optus Sport app is geo locked to Aus. Seeing as you're going to be right amongst the action, I'm sure matches will be shown on free to air. 

by New Contributor Newm1
‎2018-05-26 08:34 PM

Hi dan.  Any chance of an answer to the original question? 

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2018-05-27 12:57 AM

@Newm1, sorry mate! I didn't mean to ignore you. 


No plans for 4K at this stage. We'll be streaming the World Cup Content in 720p. 

If you have a satellite service, you'll be able to stream content in 1080i. 


If things do change, you'll definitely hear from us. 

by Occasional Visitor Pat77
‎2018-05-28 09:56 AM

@Dan_C Thanks for your reply. How do I go about getting written consent from Optus? Could you please direct me to the relevant person/department who can assist with this at the earliest. Cheers

by RetiredModerator Hannah-L
‎2018-05-28 01:47 PM

Hi @Pat77 - which game are wanting to organise the screening for?

by Occasional Visitor Pat77
‎2018-05-29 10:24 AM

Hi @Hannah-L - I am planning to organise the FIFA world cup games.

by RetiredModerator Brock_E
‎2018-05-29 03:37 PM

Thanks for clarifying, @Pat77.

I've reached out to our TV & Content team for further insight. I'll be in touch once I hear back Smiley Happy 

by RetiredModerator Brock_E
‎2018-05-29 05:58 PM

I've just heard back from the relevant team, @Pat77.

You're certainly able to do the above, however, it has to be a satellite service. 

If you complete the form listed here, it'll be assessed before someone gets in touch to provide further insight.

by Occasional Visitor Greg_H
‎2018-06-06 07:35 AM

I find it really difficult to understand why Optus would pay so much money for the exclusive rights for the World Cup broadcast, then to NOT allow anyone to watch it in High Def.


Its 2018 and paying customers expect more than heavily compressed, poor quality viewing of the BIGGEST sporting event in the WORLD.


We want the World In 4K.....PLEASE

by Occasional Contributor bobby_slogger
‎2018-06-08 01:07 PM

I don't thnk SBS are showing it in 4K. 

by New Contributor Newm1
‎2018-06-08 01:32 PM

 Correct but they broadcast over air. No provisions yet for thst method of 4k broadcast here. Not streaming service. Optus is showing it purely over the net so there is no excuse not to offer it in 4k.