Wakie Wakie, App is flakey

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3rd Oct 2015, 9:30am

I love innovative app ideas and here's another one. It’s an app that allows you to set a wakeup call alarm and be called by a complete stranger at a time that you choose. For people that hate a standard alarm or simply love wake up calls (not me), it's a perfect solution.


The interesting part of this app isn't the 'getting woken up' part. It's being on the other end of it - doing the waking up! (if you can get connected in the first place… spoiler alert!).


If you find yourself with a spare 5 - 10 minutes, jump on the app and accept missions to wake others up! It’s always morning somewhere so you can use the app any time to wake people up who are on the other side of the world.

Great idea, lots of fun to be had... but it can be a little shaky. When testing out this app, I did get through to many different people and woke them up but for each successful connection, I had 2-3 failed ones. This is a problem with the app – not your internet connection. Because the app is relatively new, I’m hoping future updates will resolve the flakey connections.


I found the most fun aspects of the app to be the other options for conversation though. Other than waking people up, there are all sorts of other pre-set requests for conversations - ranging from options like "Give Love Advice", "Listen To Their Song" or "Help Them Learn English" & many more.


So what’s it like to use Wakie? Well, the first person I woke up was a San Francisco-based property manager, then I spoke to a guy from Saudi Arabia who sang me a song in Arabic, then I gave some love advice to a twenty-something year old woman in Texas.


Wakie calls are made over the internet so you do need to be connected to Wifi or Optus’ 3G or 4G network.  


Remember, you really don’t know who you’re going to get on the other end of the line. So be aware of that when you’re busy making wakeup calls.


That’s what I thought of Wakie. But what do you think? Go ahead and test it out, it's available for free.


Why is Optus blogging about Wakie? Apps like Wakie stream content from around the globe and are powered by our mobile network. And we’re keen to see what awesome things you can do with your mobile data.

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‎2015-10-02 10:00 AM

Sounds like Chat Roulette without the visuals. Smiley Very Happy