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Use your voice to control your Fetch -box with the Google Assistant

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Online Community Manager
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Ready for some exciting news to brighten up your Thursday morning?


*Drum roll please*


Your Fetch set-top box now works with the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home, and compatible Android and iOS mobile phones.


You can now ask the Google Assistant to search for a show or movie, find out when a show is on TV or what’s playing on a specific channel on Fetch. You can also change channels, schedule a recording, pause and play live TV all with your voice.


If you’ve got a Google Home (you can purchase one from Optus here if not), simply pair it with your Fetch box and start by saying "Ok Google, ask Fetch to..." and the Google Assistant will provide hands-free help.


Note: Only select features on Fetch boxes work with the Google Assistant so you’ll still need your Fetch remote for things like entering your PIN, renting movies, selecting search results and more.


These are all the things you can ask the Google Assistant to help you with on Fetch. Make sure you check out the full user guide here to see the exact commands needed to control your Fetch box.


  • Search for a show or movie*
  • Change channels
  • Launch and browse selected Fetch menu options i.e. ‘Show me Recordings’ or ‘Go to TV guide’
  • Find out when a show is on TV
  • Find out what’s playing now or next on a given channel
  • Schedule a recording
  • Pause and play live TV
  • Turn the volume up or down
  • Launch apps like Netflix**, Stan, YouTube**, Optus Sport and Catch-Up services
  • Connect or change to a Multiroom set-top box
  • Show contextual help


These are some of the things you can’t currently ask the Google Assistant to help with on Fetch:


  • Manage recording conflicts
  • Scan for channels
  • Navigate within apps like Netflix, Stan, YouTube and Catch-Up services
  • Purchase or rent content on Fetch
  • Input PIN code
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Manage Fetch set-top box settings


As soon as new features become available, we’ll let you know.


If you’ve got Fetch and a Google Home, here’s how you can connect your devices:


1. Ensure your Fetch box is already set up and activated

2. Ensure your Google Home is up and running

3. Launch the Google Home app on your mobile device and sign in using your Google Account

4. Turn on your Google Home and say, “Ok Google, talk to Fetch’


5. If your Fetch account isn’t linked yet, Google Home will ask you to link your account via the Google Home App on your mobile phone. . Open the Google Home App and look for a “Link to Fetch’ card in the ‘DISCOVER’ tab. Next, tap LINK.


Fetch Google 2.png 


6. Follow the prompts to sign in using your Fetch set-top box Activation Code and PIN.


7. You should now be able to use Google Home to command your Fetch box. For example, say "Ok Google, ask Fetch to watch ESPN.”


Note. If you have additional Fetch set-top boxes connected in your home for Multiroom purposes, Google will prompt you to choose a box to control.


For help and support, click here, for the Fetch and Google user guide, head here.  

Optus Fetch cobrand.png 


*If a movie or show comes up in multiple search results, customers will need to use their remote to select which one they’d like to watch.


**Once the Netflix or YouTube app is launched, customers cannot exit the app using a Google Home prompt, they will have to use their remote to exit.


Ts & Cs


Google Home: Requires Wi-Fi, Google Account, mains power and a compatible device. Internet connection is required and data charges will apply from your Internet service provider. Music streaming subscription required and not included. Selected purchased content such as Apps, Music, Movie and TV store content will be charged via your Google Play account. Support is provided directly by Google except in the case of faulty hardware in which case Optus will organise a warranty replacement. Selected features on the Fetch set-top-box are compatible with Google Home.



An odd question, but here goes....

I just linked to Fetch remotely using my mobile phone. I am not at home until next week. I asked Google to tell me the next program on channel x, and successfully got a response from Google. Would this have turned  my Fetch Box on at home, or would it still be in standby mode? Can I program a future recording remotely and have my box remain in standby, or will it turn the box on? No big deal - but curious. Thanks. 

Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

This feature is as useless as titson abull!  


It's easier just to use the fetch remote or mobile app!