Use the Optus Assistant with your Google Home device

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6th Nov 2017, 11:16am

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From today, if you are an Optus customer with a Post Paid Mobile service and a Google Home device or eligible smartphone, you’ll be able to link your account to Google Assistant and experience effortless, hands-free conversations about certain elements of your service. For example, if you’re cooking dinner and want to know about an upcoming trip abroad you’re going on, you can ask the Google Assistant to ask Optus about our travelling rates and options for that country. The Optus Assistant app can also have conversations about billing and usage and only surfaces information that you could access within My Optus app.




Who can use the Optus Assistant?


Any Optus customers with a Post Paid Mobile service can link their account to the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home or an eligible smartphones to Optus Assistant.


What can Optus Assistant do?


The Optus Assistant for Google, can tell you about your usage, billing and travelling options for your Post Paid Mobile service. For example, you can ask the Optus Assistant if you have any amount due on your bill and when it will be due.


How do I ask my Google Home to talk to Optus?


Start by saying: “OK Google, talk to Optus”. If it’s your first time trying the Optus Assistant, the Google Assistant will take over and guide you through steps to link your account as a once-off. Once set up, you can always chat to Optus Assistant by requesting Google to talk to Optus.


Can I pay my bill through Optus Assistant on Google Home?


No, at this stage we are not supporting transactions via the platform. If you’d like to pay your bill, you can use My Optus app to complete the payment quickly and easily.


I am a Post Paid Optus Customer and have found that the Optus Assistant doesn’t recognise some of the questions I’m asking?


The Optus Assistant can help with usage and billing enquiries for customers with a My Plan Plus Post Paid service. If you are on an older Post Paid plan, some information from your account cannot be retrieved when using the Optus Assistant for Google. If that’s the case, please use My Optus app for any questions the Optus Assistant can’t answer.


I can’t link my Post Paid account to my Google Home device?


Please note: we only support Post Paid mobile customers at this stage.


If you’re having trouble linking your Post Paid account to your Google Assistant on your Google Home device, please follow the steps on our Help and Support page, here.  


If you’re still having issues, please check out the Google Home troubleshooting page, here.


Alternatively, please remember that you can use My Optus app for any billing and usage enquiries. To download My Optus app for iOS or Android, click one of the buttons or the SMS link below:



SMSSMS me a direct download link


Help! My Optus Assistant for Google isn’t working.


To double check the Optus Assistant is working, repeat “OK Google, talk to Optus”.


If the Optus Assistant then introduces itself and what it can help you with – it’s working.


If this doesn’t happen, check here for further help.


Remember, everything you can do via the Optus Assistant, you can do on My Optus app so be sure to download it to your phone if you haven’t done so already.



SMS SMS me a direct download link


by Occasional Contributor Kitzyy
‎2017-12-05 10:50 PM

Can’t wait to give this a shot when my Google Home arrives 

by RetiredModerator Mike-N
‎2017-12-05 02:36 PM

Let us know how it goes @Kitzyy and enjoy your new Google Home Smiley Happy

by Frequent Visitor iMattel
‎2017-12-05 03:14 PM

Does this still work when I am using a Google Home purchased elsewhere?

by New Contributor Himincranbourne
‎2017-12-07 09:12 AM

Can my daughter’s Google Mini talk to my Google Home and keep each other entertained? I love one thank you Optus.

by Frequent Visitor faizairmac
‎2017-12-07 02:51 PM

What did I search last on google? My daily work is based on google. If I don't use google at lease 15times or more a day, I feel useless.

I'm very dependant on google search

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2017-12-07 03:31 PM

That’s not an issue @iMattel. It's the Optus post-paid mobile component that's the main concern here. You'd just need to ensure that you have the My Optus Assistant for Google and you'll be good to go Smiley Happy

by Moderator Dan_C
‎2017-12-07 05:12 PM

We’re feeling the loving @Himincranbourne Smiley Happy Haha, why don't you try that out and let us know. Keep a recording device next to the Google homes and see whether they have secret conversations whilst you're away.

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