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Upgrade your Generation 1 Yes TV by Fetch set-top box

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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From 1 September 2017, Yes TV by Fetch Generation 1 set-top boxes (Gen 1 box) will stop working. This is because Gen 1 boxes have come to the end of their life span and are no longer supported.

Gen 1 boxes use legacy technologies and are not compatible with the latest product features and functionality.

All Yes TV by Fetch customers with a Gen 1 Box are affected. The good news is you can upgrade to a Generation 2 set-top box (Gen 2 box) at no extra cost to you. You have until 30 September 2017 to upgrade your Gen 1 box. If you choose not to upgrade by this date, your Yes TV by Fetch service will be cancelled and you will lose any previously purchased content.


How can you tell if you have a Yes TV by Fetch Generation 1 set-top box?


Gen 1 set-top boxes look like this and you can identify them by the blue dog symbol on the left-hand side:


Yes TV by Fetch Gen 1 set-top box.png

Why should you upgrade your Yes TV by Fetch Generation 1 set-top box?

Gen 2 boxes have everything your Gen 1 box has plus more. Gen 2 boxes have access to subscription streaming apps such as Netflix and Stan, latest premium channel packs (subscription required), on-demand Optus Sport content including the Premier League (subscription required), and Catch Up TV services for free-to-air and subscription channels. Plus the Gen 2 box is smaller, sleeker and comes with a faster processor that will give you an improved viewing experience and is compatible with our Multiroom solution, so you can share content in your home.

How to upgrade to a Yes TV by Fetch Generation 2 set-top box

If you have a Gen 1 box, you’ll notice an invitation to upgrade to a Gen 2 box next time you access your Yes TV by Fetch service. We’ll also communicate the upgrade process via letter, email or SMS depending on whether you’re a broadband or mobile customer.

To upgrade to a Gen 2 box, simply head to: to fulfil your order before 30 September 2017.

You’ll need to validate your service with Optus first then enter your delivery address so we know where to send your Gen 2 box to. Once you submit your upgrade request, you’ll receive your Gen 2 box within 7 working days.

How to dispose of your Yes TV by Fetch Generation 1 set-top box

In addition to your Gen 2 box, you will also be provided a return satchel which you can use to send your Gen 1 box back to Optus (at no cost to you). Instructions on how to return your Gen 1 box will be included with the delivery.

Please note: You will not be charged if you choose not to return your Gen 1 box but please be environmentally friendly and dispose of it responsibly.  

What happens if you choose not to upgrade?

It’s important to remember that if you don’t upgrade your Gen 1 box to a Gen 2 box before 1 September 2017, you will no longer be able to use Yes TV by Fetch, so please make sure you upgrade as soon as possible.

If you still haven’t upgraded by 30 September, your Yes TV by Fetch service will be cancelled.

If you do not wish to upgrade, we recommend that you unsubscribe from any optional channel packs before the next subscription renewal date to avoid further charges.

Frequent Visitor Fergo
Frequent Visitor
If I keep my Gen 1 PVR after the compulsory upgrade to the Gen 2 unit, can I still watch my pre-recorded programs after it has been disconnected ?
Moderator Alistar

Hi Fergo, unfortunately once the upgrade to Gen 2 unit has been made you'll lose your pre-recorded programs once it's been disconnected. You will however keep any purchased content as it will re-load on the hardware once you log-in on the new set top box. Please let me know if you have any further enquiries Smiley Happy 

Visitor Bobing

I called Optus and the support guy confirmed I was eligible for upgrade. I am not happy that while I wait the 7 odd days for the new box to arrive the current service is disabled. What is the reason for this especially since being a loyal customer for about 10 years ?

Moderator Aman_B

Totally understand your frustrations with this @Bobing. It's just that  when we order a new device the system automatically cancels your old device. Basically only one Yes TV by Fetch can  be active at any given time. 

Contributor paul190k

Thanks for posting a detailed guide on this. This is really helpful.

(External link deleted by Admin.  Please refer to Optus terms for more details

Contributor peejaydubya

The whole Fetch TV box situation with Optus is rediculous.   I was upgraded from a Gen II to Gen III Fetch TV earlier this year and I am now on my third one.   First the FTA channels stopped working altogether but now on this replacement box, the FTA channels work but the audio keeps dropping out.   The workaround to change to STAN or one of the other offerings, play a video for 10-20 seconds and then go back to FTA.   Magically, the audio returns.   Optus keep blaming Fetch TV but in the end, Optus is the provider.   I'm one short step aware from not only going back to TIO and ACCC but writing another complaint to the Federal Telecommunications Minister as well.

RetiredModerator AlexRH

Hi @peejaydubya, disappointing to hear that you've had some ongoing issues with your Fetch, it's not the usual experience to have - or one that you should've gone through Smiley Sad 

Please raise this with our TV & Content crew HERE so we can look into this for you. 

New Member sophieandjohn
New Member

Hi. I'm trying to upgrade using the online form but it won't let me click on validate. Can you please assist. I've been going around in circles phoning optus. Thanks