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27th Jul 2018, 10:14am

Dear Optus Internet Customer,

You have been referred to this page because your hardware has been identified as being at high risk from VPNFilter malware. We have been advised of this issue by hardware manufacturers and anti-virus/security software companies.

VPNFilter malware threatens the security and integrity of business and personal data. It can compromise the security of some or all data stored on or accessed by users on your network. For more information, see the Australian Government’s article dated 25 May 2018 on

We strongly recommend you:

1.Update your virus/security software such as McAfee anti-virus software.

Please note: If you have Symantec and Norton software on your PC or MAC, you should upgrade the software to get the benefit of the Symantec and Norton patches for the VPNFilter malware.

2.Run full scans of all devices and drives on your network while disconnected from the internet and ensure you disable remote web access on any NAS drives or webservers.

Please note: Some hardware or software (e.g. virus/security software) vendors may have additional tools to assist in locating and removing the malware, but please confirm with that vendor how to interpret a negative result, as it may not necessarily mean the malware is not present and/or not a threat.

3.Carry out a reboot of any Optus modem and change the login password. Please also ensure that remote management is disabled on the modem.

4.If you have any of the hardware listed below, please go to the manufacturer’s website to find out how to update your software/firmware to prevent any issues.



For the list of hardware please view below: 

QNAP (NAS Storage Drives)







Please note:  If you have any concerns about using the links provided on this page, type in the relevant terms e.g. “Symantec VPNFilter” in your search engine such as Google and follow the links.

We do not suggest these links connect to all the information that you may need, nor that only the vendors included may have devices which are impacted. Please use these links out of a desire to assist, not as an indication of our belief that they cover all the information, updates or other fixes that may be needed.

If you have any further questions please comment below.


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