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Update to the National Geographic App

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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How to keep Full Access to the updated National Geographic App


Are you an existing user of the National Geographic app? From Friday 15 March 2019 the revamped National Geographic app will be available within the App store and Google Play Store. To keep FULL ACCESS to premium content within the updated app, you’ll need to create a new National Geographic Account. Follow these simple steps to keep full access:




To begin the process you must authenticate your Optus eligibility and follow the prompts on the webpage.


Optus mobile customers will need to enter their mobile number. If you are eligible, you will be sent a four-digit verification code via SMS. (the process is different for mobile broadband customers – follow the prompts on the eligibility check webpage).


An option to enter the four-digit code will appear on the eligibility page. Enter the code and you will be directed to a new webpage to create your National Geographic Account.




Create a National Geographic Account to keep Full Access to the National Geographic App. You can use your preferred e-mail address or Facebook log in details to create an account.




Once you have created your National Geographic account you’ll be sent a verification email. To verify your account, open the email and click ‘Confirm’ (make sure to check your junk/spam folder). You’ll be directed to a sign in page where you will be required to enter your log in details to complete the verification process.


If you have created a National Geographic Account via Facebook login you can skip ahead to Step 4 as you are not required to verify your account and will not receive a verification email.




From 15 March 2019, the updated version of the app will be available. Simply head to the App Store or Google Play Store to update the app.




Once your National Geographic App is updated, open and sign in with the credentials you used to create your National Geographic Account (e.g. E-mail or Facebook log in). Click the ‘GET STARTED’ button and follow the prompts. If you don’t sign in at this point, you can sign in later via ‘Settings’. 




You’re done! Once signed in, you will have unlocked Full Access to the updated National Geographic App.


Full Access will allow you to continue to access all the premium content available on the National Geographic App.


Get started now by checking your eligibility.

New Member tihcas
New Member

I recently received a SMS from Optus to redownload the app and register again to have full access to the Nat Geo app. I verify my number via the Optus website for eligibility and then get a code via SMS. Once I download the app and register, there is no option to use that Optus provided code anywhere. Within the app it asks me to subscribe for $9.99/month. Called Optus support and they suggested that I go ahead and subscribe for $9.99/month and I will not get charged. Not convinced with that argument. Can someone help please?

New Contributor Chimei98
New Contributor

I've got the same issue as tihcas, dont really want to try signing up for 9.99 if its not 100% that I wont actually be charged

New Contributor KCH1111
New Contributor

This sucks. Same problem. No more full access. False advertising!

New Contributor AndrewWoodward
New Contributor
So I got a code I registered Opened the app Authenticated There's no where to put the Optus code I go to watch premium content and it takes me to the $10 a month subscription option. Help
Occasional Visitor Bazzasmith
Occasional Visitor

As everyone has said before, followed all the instructions and end up at the screen asking for $9.99 per month. So no full access anymore so will Optus reduce my monthly fee! 

Occasional Visitor Kev_B
Occasional Visitor

Same issue, wasted an hour this morning downloading, deleting, rereading, restarting. NOT HAPPY JAN!

Occasional Visitor Kev_B
Occasional Visitor

Contacted Optus support via online chat, they apparently updated my account details to include the National Geographic app. I explained it was already part of my current plan and that I was already able to get a registration number. I offered to send them a copy of the txt message from Optus regarding the process. I explained I couldn’t find anywhere to enter the registration number in the new app. They continued to say the process was automatic and it would reset in approx 20 mins. No need to reload app or get a new account. It didn’t work not really surprised, just annoyed.  I have deleted the app and have discovered I can actually access Nat Geo Aus via the www including access to videos. 


Visitor jsnarvasa

For anyone receiving the message that they need to subscribe within the Nat Geo app, you'll actually need to go through the Optus Eligibility checker first which will give you a verification code -> login to your Nat Geo account -> which then makes your Nat Geo account eligible for the paid content without having to subscribe.  Link:

Occasional Visitor Bazzasmith
Occasional Visitor

Hi Jsnarvasa,

can you explain where you put the verification code once you have login into National Geo. I have followed all the steps and nothing works


Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Hi everyone,

Optus users should not sign up for $9.99 and expect it to be credited back. We have addressed this with our Optus Support team.

The steps below needs to followed to get full access at no extra charge:

    • Complete the eligibility check at
    • If eligible, you will receive a SMS with a verification code. Keep an eye on the eligibilty webpage, it will update once the SMS is sent and an option to enter in the four-digit verification code will appear on the page. Please enter this verification code on the eligibility site.
    • Get re-directed to the Nat Geo page and then create a Nat Geo account
    • If you have used an email address, open the confirmation email and click confirm and then sign in
    • Open the updated app and sign in using these details

Customers that have not followed the steps above will get the $9.99 message. Those customers who have already tried the process can start over and get another code.


New Contributor AndrewWoodward
New Contributor
This doesn't help. 1. Where's the page to enter the code once you have received it. 2. How does that link to my new National Geographic account?
New Member Farnarkle
New Member

I just get  "Sorry we couldnt log you in. OPTUS is not a valid token"



All reather disappointing



New Contributor Timmb
New Contributor

Still doesn’t work properly. It only tells me that ‘no valid subscription was found’ when I try to access magazine content. 

Not good enough Optus. As this is supposedly part of our contract content, I ask that a refund be applied to my bill for the duration of my contract, or that a suitable fix be applied 

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.
If not, please chat with us.