Troubleshooting your Optus My Account

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7th Sep 2018, 2:14pm

My Optus account


If you’re having trouble logging into your My Account, or you’re unable to view your service in My Account, try our troubleshooting steps below:


I can’t remember my Optus login


Head to My Account and click “forgotten username or password?” (underneath the Log in button).  

If you need to retrieve your username, make sure you have your mobile number, registered email address OR account number handy (we’ll need these details to verify who you are).


You can find your account number on your bill or the My Optus app. Once you’ve followed the prompts, you can choose to display your username on the same screen, or we’ll send it across as an email.


If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your registered My Account email address and your D.O.B.  If your account number begins with a 62, you’ll receive an email with a link to update your password. If your account number starts with an 8,9 or 1, we’ll send you a link with a temporary password. You’ll then be prompted to enter a new password upon logging in.


Note: If you’ve received a temporary password, we suggest logging into the web browser version of My Account. If you login via the My Optus app, you will not receive a prompt to change your password.


The email address I used to register for My Account is no longer accessible


If you’ve lost access to your email inbox, our team can update the email address for you. Contact one of our support teams via Live ChatFacebook or Twitter. Your current password will not carry across. We’ll make sure to send you link with a new or temporary password.

I’m unable to load My Account or I’m receiving an error message


Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies and trying again, or try using a new browser all together. We find that opening a window in “incognito mode,” can also help the issue. Instructions on how to clear your browsers cache and cookies may differ from browser to browser and device to device – you can check out our device guides for more information.


I’m being told the email address I used to register for My Account is incorrect or invalid.


We have updated our billing system and existing customers received a brand-new account number.


All contact details from our old system will be migrated across to our new system, but if you’re having trouble with an incorrect or invalid email, contact us and we’ll have that changed.


I’m trying to register for My Account and I’m being told that a My Account already exists for this email address


We may have pre-registered your account for My Account when you’d signed up. Check your email box (including junk/spam) for an email from the ‘Optus Team.’ You should have received a link to setup/verify your My Account. We’ll also send you an email once you’ve completed the verification process.


My services are no longer displayed on my dashboard


Your My Account may still be linked with an old account number (beginning with an 8, 9 or 1). Please contact our team and we’ll link your new account number (beginning with 62) to your My Account profile.


I’ve been told that one or more of my services are active in our old and new billing system. Can I still view all my services on the one My Account profile?


Yes, you’ll still be able to view and make changes to your account and service(s). Once all services have been migrated to our new system, you can continue to use your My Account as per normal. Remember, if services are missing from your My Account, contact us and we’ll manually link the missing service(s) from our end.


I’ve recently added a new service to my account, do I need to manually link the service to my profile?


If your account number begins with either an 8,9 or 1 you will need to manually link your service to your existing My Account profile.


Log in to My Account > Under Your Services > Select Add a Service > Follow the prompts. It can take up to 48 hours for linked services to appear in your profile. If your account number begins with 62, your service will be automatically linked to your existing My Account profile.


I never received or I’ve accidentally deleted the email I need to verify my email address for My Account.


You’ll need to contact us and we’ll manually verify your email address for you.


How can I register for email billing in my Account?


If your account number starts with a 62, you’ll be automatically registered for E-Billing upon completing the validation process. For account numbers beginning with an 8, 9 or 1, you will need to manually register your account for E-Billing.


Still having trouble?


Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.