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Travelling overseas? Add a Travel Pack to your service

Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager
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Travelling overseas? Many of our business mobile plans include unlimited international roaming and standard international calls and SMS to selected countries. However, if this option isn’t included on your plan, make sure you add our great value Travel Pack to your service before you leave Australia, to avoid extra charges when using your mobile abroad.


Adding our Travel Pack is number one on our list to help you stay connected whilst you’re overseas but we’ve also added some other handy tips to our ‘To Do’ list before you jet off:


1. Get the Optus Travel Pack

You can easily add the Travel Pack to your business service online before you leave Australia. The Travel Pack gives you unlimited standard national and international talk and SMS plus 50MB of data to use per day in Zone One Destinations plus by adding the Travel Pack online, you can avoid call waiting times.


2. Use free Wi-Fi wherever possible

Whether you’re out and about in a café or catching up at a friend’s home, always ask if there is free Wi-Fi available. Don’t forget you can communicate with friends, family and colleagues via Whatsapp, Skype and Facebook when using Wi-Fi so it’s always beneficial to ask if you can connect.


3. Download essential apps before you leave Australia


Turn off automatic updates and avoid using non-essential apps whilst abroad as these tasks can consume large amounts of data. Remember to download essential apps like maps whilst connected to Wi-Fi and before you leave Australia to cut down on your data usage whilst travelling.


4. Keep Data Roaming, location services and push notifications switched off

If you don’t need them, you can conserve data by turning your device’s Data Roaming, Location Services and Push Notifications off and only turning them on when necessary.


5. Ask your contacts to email or text you instead of calling

Before you leave Australia, ask that your contacts to email or text you whilst you’re away so you can both avoid unnecessary call charges. Don’t forget that messaging app Whatsapp, allows you to voice and video call contacts using Wi-Fi just in case you need to make a call.

Occasional Visitor Jennywren
Occasional Visitor

Thanks Optus! Great timing  not allowing access to turn on intenational roaming until 10am Sunday. Just when I am about to head overseas, I can't access the service. I will be lucky if I  succeed at the last minute.

 Why is it that  every time I need a service from Optus, I have to jump through hoops to get it///

Not a happy camper over this issue.

 Could you please get on with the upgrade and get it sorted pronto???

Moderator Casey_

Hey Jennywren, if you're having trouble activating international roaming, please send us a PM with your mobile number and DOB so we can activate it for you. 

Occasional Visitor brookechookie
Occasional Visitor

I have $120 a month postpaid plan. It says I get a 10 day travel pack for free. I would like to confirm this. Also extend it by 4 extra days.

Otherwise I need to purchase 14 day travel pack. 

I spoke to support via live chat last night to resolve login issues. issues are not resolved.

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi @brookechookie, The $120 My Plan Plus does included 10 days worth of Travel Packs. You'll need to apply a standard 14 day travel pack as usual so you are covered for the full 14 days you required.  The first 10 days will be absorbed by the plan. 

New Member TESS65A
New Member

Be very careful with optus  travel pack. I found out the hard way - you can not add extra data days if you find that you have used  all your data allowance. My allowable data ran  out with 3 days to go on my trip. I wanted to add 3 more days and told it was not possible because the expiry date on my pack wasnt for another three days. I purchased a 31 day travel pack because thats most most you can do. I ran out of data on day 28. They will not allow you to purchase any more. You need to monitor your usage is all they would tell me. Not everyone is able to use wifi. VERY DISAPPOINTED.



Occasional Visitor sunilhira
Occasional Visitor

Looks like all the app needs alot of work when it comes to activating international roaming, and the ability to add travel packs in real time. Can't even find how to complete this via the website. Those last minute international trips. What a headace Optus. 

RetiredModerator AlexRH

Sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with it, @sunilhira Smiley Sad

To add Roaming via the App, go to the Menu on the left-hand side and select International Roaming.

If you would like to add the Travel Pack through My Account, you can do so via 'Options & Extras' on the Dashboard.

If you're still having trouble, please chat with our Customer Care crew HERE so we can organise it for you. 

New Member Art00
New Member

Hi Optus,

Manage a fleet of mobiles and find it very limiting that I can only add a Travel Pack to mobiles within three days of the start date. This means I need to remember to set this on a Saturday or Sunday for someone travelling on Monday.

So as a complaint or suggestion to the website team, can they look into just allowing us to set a start date instead.